Nikon D7100 left focus issue

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Jared Huntr wrote:

amobi wrote:

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amobi wrote:

lock wrote:

The af aperture is 3.5. You need a faster lens to notice it. On the other hand, if you do not use faster lenses there will be no problem with the outer sensors.


I was going to say the same thing about the lens used but sometimes it is better to leave these guys alone and let them be happy with their camera.

Sometimes it is better to leave You guys alone to be unhappy with your camera.

I tested mine with Sigma 35/1.4 and Nikon 50/1.8G and they both were blur with left AF point. Center was crazy sharp and right is somewhat sharp but not as center so I returned it.

It is an APS/C camera, my Nikkor 35mm is a little softer on the edges especially at f/1.8 so both outer focus points look a little softer.  That is no surprise to me.  With a sharp to the edges lens such as the 16-85 even at close distance and f/3.5 still sharp at the edges and focuses well.  APS/C lenses often have notoriously curved focal plane which cause the edges to look a little softer on many occasions (short DOF).  So yes with the 35mm at open apertures the outer focus points look softer.

APS/C cameras should not be soft at edges like FX. So it is a surprise to me.

How does one distinguish between a bad sample of a lens e.g. decentering issues vs an AF issue with the body as the cause of reduced sharpness on one side? (without the luxury of trying the lens on another known good body or trying a known good lens sample on the same body)

Trying a different lens or body is the only 100% positive way I know of confirming.  It's how Nikon Service does it.

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