12MP, 16MP or 24MP for the 17-55 lens?

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Mira, mira, mira, Dave. Open your eyes and SEE what you missed (again).
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Dave Luttmann wrote:

SunnyFlorida wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

I don't know how you can say "barely resolves any more detail" based on dxomark's scores. Increase the pixel count of the D300's 12mp sensor by 33% and you get the D7000's 16mp sensor.

Now for DXO's numbers. Increase the D300's DXOmark score of 12 by 25% and you get the D7000's DXOmark score of 15. Increase the D300's 5P-Mpix sharpness score of 5 by 20% and you get the D7000's 6P-Mpix sharpness score. So the 17-55mm lens's clearly is capable of resolving more detail than a 12mp sensor can capture. But DXO's numbers are a very rough guide at best and their numbers are a highly questionable one size fits all guide.

Take three 50mm lenses, Nikon's f/1.4D, f/1.4G and Sigma's f/1.4, tested on the D800. Every reviewer that's tested and compared these lenses have found significant differences in resolving power, with the Sigma doing better at the widest apertures and the Nikkors doing better when stopped down. Yet DXO gives all three identical scores, 32 for the DxOMark score and 16P-Mpix for the sharpness scores. That's just not good enough for me to make useful buying decisions. YMMV.


Wow Spoken like a true test tube baby who spent all his life in a lab and can't take a decent image in the real world

Pretty much.  It's getting rather tiring having these DxO worshippers post like authority all the time.  In most cases, they haven't even tried the lenses in question themselves....instead preferring to let DxO think for them.

It's not surprising that you'd once again show your ignorance and cluelessness, since the takeaway of what I wrote was that DxOMark's numbers can't be trusted. You clearly missed the obvious, which was my changed sub-thread title ("Barely resolves more detail? DxOMark? Really?") But that pales in comparison with your stooping to agree with anything that the SunnyFloridian troll has to say.

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