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It's not nit picking.
In reply to Jared Huntr, Apr 21, 2013

Jared Huntr wrote:

marike6 wrote:

It's not a nit pick to say the AA-filter makes a difference in resolution.  Either it does or it doesn't, and the crops above in DPR's own Studio Test clearly show that it does make a difference.  Whether that difference is important to hobbyists, or for snapshots is a totally different question.

I would say it is nit-picking if it makes no different to the enjoyment of the final image. Sometimes with all the testing around here, we lose sight of the purpose of the camera in the first place.

And some here have lost sight of what the purpose of these DPReview forums is. While there are some exceptions, if the purpose of the camera is to produce compelling images, this is not the place to see them. Started by Phil A., it was all about the gear then, maybe slightly less so today.

If anyone has reached the point where the latest cameras or lenses are no longer desirable, they won't upgrade and there's nothing wrong with that. There's also nothing wrong with telling people why they feel no need to upgrade. But there's definitely something wrong when they embark on an obnoxious crusade telling everyone again and again and again why there's no good reason for most people to upgrade, reason being that most people don't read here, so their advice is misdirected.

To give a golfing analogy, most people will never shoot close to par, not even once. Yet many of them will spend lots of money on gear (clubs and such) and lessons, trying to raise their game even slightly. You could tell them that there's little point to it, that they should save their money, and that advice might be good for most golfers, but it certainly wouldn't be good advice to those that take their golfing as seriously as many here take their photography. Some of them might even have considered switching to MF digital gear if it was even remotely affordable. But they are here, where they discuss their gear, and that's part of the attraction of the forums, because such discussions are also enjoyable for many photographers even if it's time spent not taking photos. Many sports fans spend incredible amounts of time discussing and arguing about their favorite teams, players, rules, officials, even broadcasters and writers, and it would be ludicrous to tell them to "shut up and get out and play more", yet that's pretty much what we're seeing from a few here that have decided that because certain discussion topics seem pointless to them, that they need to convince others to feel the same way. That's not going to happen, but if you feel that it's important for photographers to keep sight of the true purpose of cameras (whatever that may be) then a much better way to go about it would be to start threads that generate interest in those topics. That would work better than the negative haranguing that this thread is filled with. which is another way of saying that you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some people get as much satisfaction in the forums from finding things to argue about than they do from photography.

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