Why NEX-6 Movie has horrible color

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Einst Stein wrote:

I accompanied with a friend for shopping a digital camera. The requirements include built-in eye level view finder, buil-in flash, 1920x1080 video, and capable of using Zeiss ZM lenses. There aren't many choices. He pretty much settled on Nex-6 but with some reservation for Lumix G5. He told me he could wait for EOS-M if Canon will soon offer the next model that can match his requirements.

We did some test shoots with the kit lens and his ZM 21mm/2.8.  To our surprise, the Nex-6's movie has horrible color. It's much worse than even Sony's point and shoot such as TX9, and far far inferior to Lumix FZ200. We went back to the store, assuming it's the user's setting problem, but the store told us that's what the Nex-6 is supposed to be and showed us Sony's advertisement on Youtube.

First, color is very personal, look how people set their TV sets, some set them over saturated, others almost at B&W, some tune in to much red, others to much red etc.. So tell us what you do not like about the colors.

Second the Alaska movie, did you realy watched it till the end? If you did you would have seen that it was shot excusevly with the Nex7 not with the Nex 6...

Yes, it does not looks better. and that is even shot by two profesional photographers, one of them's name  Lucas Rossini ( never heard of, but we are ignorant anyway), (try youtube, look for Nex-6, Alaska). We searched for many other youtube video's shot by Nex-6. It's pretty much what it is.

Better then what and in what way. I like the colors in this video, so again what is it you do not like?

For curiosity, we also looked for Lumix G5 and FZ200 video on youtube. we found Mel Karch (G5, outdoors), Kinimatmobile01 (G5, Cat), raid0804 (G5, flower),  Lu Browning (FZ200, bird). Manyof these are not even shot by professionals.

what do yo like better in the colors of these movies? I've looked at them and do not find it much better then the colors in the Alaska video. But remember that light is quite different iaat different places of the world, at different times of the day and at different weather conditions.

Can anyone recommend some youtube footage shot by Nex 6 or 7 or any Nex that look better or on par with the G5 sample footage I listed.

Not as long as you do not tell what you are looking for.

What do I mean by "better", doesn't matter, use your judge.  Thanks.

Oh, by the way, Nex's kit lens is a junk. Nowhere close to G5's kit lens, even though G5's kit lens is nothing to be praised either.

When you like your G5 better go for that camera, you have to live with it. When you realy want help come back with real questions, not just statements

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