Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Re: Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...
In reply to mosswings, Apr 21, 2013

mosswings wrote:

The only other option for you is to hope the D300 is upgraded to more pro features but if you don't need those feature (or the improvements on the D7100 that have nothing to do with sensor IQ) I would agree, the D7000 is a very capable camera and for most people, you really don't need much more than that and there is no reason to upgrade. I would suggest to people, spend your money on better lenses at that point

mosswings wrote:

Remember, I'm reporting what other reviewers are saying here as a springboard for discussion.  I'm fairly sold on the D7100, but that's because I'm coming from a D90,

Well I have been waiting for a FF since the original 5d and have not purchased one. The price and the upgrades have not been enough for me to buy one yet over my current crop sensor cameras. I don't think there is that much of an upgrade from the D90. D800 or the upgrade to the D300 might be enough, it would depend on what you shoot. It would not be a big enough of a jump for me D90 to D7100.

not a D7000; have no intention of going full frame for reasons of weight and bulk;

If you want to go telephoto with better AF, faster glass you are going to increase weight. Same with FF, IMHO they are both worth it.

and for reasons of ergonomy and field-maintainability don't consider the D5200 an option.  However, if when buy time comes the funds just aren't there to upgrade, I still know how well the D90 performs in day-to-day shooting - very well indeed.  In fact, a lot of photogs are shelling out big bucks for OMD EM5s to obtain the performance we D90 owners have been enjoying since 2008.

Another reason not to upgrade. Upgrade when they update the D300. I have to believe the D7100 came out first and the upgrade to the D300 will come out second. Good marketing strategy.

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