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Adrian Van
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Re: Great job Nikon on D7100....

Last year I could have either bought a D300s store demo (less than 1000 actuations taken) or new D7000 body for about the same price for body. I picked the D300s because of the superior AF, buttons and rugged body. The D7000 only advantage was superior sensor iso in low light thus lower noise and bit more MP. With the right lenses the D300s still gives great sharp photos anyways for my needs with solid AF and few missed shots.

With the D7100, the better AF and resolution and iso/noise ability make it a compelling upgrade from D300s which the D7000 lacked in some key points (AF speed and focus accuracy being the biggest). Also with a lighter weight than D300s body, this can help in daily use and less carrying weight.

Until a D400, the D7100 is the best DX camera out there in my opinion and worth it.

My other suggestion to Nikon, upgrade D600 to D600s right away and include the better AF system and also a better mechanical shutter to win back the market of those holding out on buying that camera due to significant issues reported. Increase the price of upgraded IQ of D600s a couple of hundred dollars or so, so not to impact as much on D800 sales.

Also, please Nikon, improve your quality control department (after manufacturing), if product is tested sufficiently before leaving plant. Should the customers be made the ones to test the cameras after receiving?

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