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John Siward
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Re: "Digital" and "Film-like"...
In reply to Daedalus2000, Apr 20, 2013

Daedalus2000 wrote:

John Siward wrote:

The terms "digital" and "film-like" seem to be used quite often in these forums, but I find them subjective to the point of not being helpful.  If someone says an image looks over-sharpened or has too much contrast or saturation then at least there is something quantifiable to discuss; but if you say an image looks very "digital" then I really don't know what you mean, so I'll probably be equally mystified by any response!


You are right, one should use proper language, especially given who the OP is. But, also sometimes, some vagueness is necessary to start a discussion and to avoid yes/no answers.

What I mean in this case is that the picture looks like a collection of bits, I guess you can say it looks over-sharpened.

What do you see?

Best, D

I see an extremely sharp photograph with some fantastic detail, especially the wooden shingles on the walls, though maybe the blue sky and green grass seem a little too saturated. I don't know about you, but the rendering of textures of the roof jars a bit with my eye.  I think it might be an issue of contrast and saturation more than sharpness, because the rest of the photograph seems sharp without obvious over-sharpening or aliasing artefacts.


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