Nikon D7100 left focus issue

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toomanycanons wrote:

SaturnN wrote:

Look, for you and other who insult me as a troll. I cannot post photos because i am away for weekend. And even i could, whay would i? I don't ask or need a confirmation that my camera has a problems, i know it has i tested it. I was just making simple question if this kind of problems are usually a matter of calibration or hardware fault. I am not stupid or blind to not be able to see how good my focus is. I have been able to focus properly for 10 years with different cameras and sudenly i am not able to focus with left wide of d7100? Come on! And yes i created account because of this problem that i have. Why is this strange? Why did you open yours, to insult other  people?

Man, why post this at all?  What do you hope to accomplish?  Did you do no searching of these forums before you decided to bring some "new troubling issue" to light?  This "issue" has been discussed endlessly already.  The thousands of satisfied D7100 owners don't post here about how much they love their much as the few with "issues".  it's just getting tiresome is all.  You create a new account to just rant.  Great.  Just great.  It's troll-like even though you deny that you are a troll.  OK.

Not really the case at all. His post was civil and pointed to an issue some have had. Accusing without evidence is where the less than civil tone began. I personally want to know and look forward to any additional info and any corrective action that might help others.  Jumping on a new member without a form of trolling itself.

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