Nikon D7100 left focus issue

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good info
In reply to fireplace33, Apr 19, 2013

fireplace33 wrote:

lock wrote:

I read post on various Nikon forums. I therefore know there are more flies on the cake.

Nevertheless, Nikonman09 documented it well. In the same thread, TurboBB also showed pictures, although some could not see it. But it is there alright. Check his full sized pictures in the gallery with the sigma and the Nikon at F3.5. You will see that the lens that focusses widest (the Sigma at 2.8) suffers from a BF, whereas the Nikon 16-85 shows no such problems. So that's two with pictures I know of without searching. Then there is fireplace33. No pictures, but who am I to not trust him not reporting it correctly? We know about Lordbeau, but he did not show samples either. Than we have Gabe7, who returned two D7100. He showed pictures of the second, although he was slated as a newby that did not know what he was doing. According to his tests the third one was ok.

There will be more for sure, but you may have to surch for it. The D7100 isn't going like crazy here. So the numbers of bad bodies may be too limited to create hysteric scenes. However, there are bodies suffering from the same issue the D800 had. Probably a lower percentage (hope so), but it actually should have been solved by now.


Thanks lock,  for your implied trust!
My report was made in good faith.

I didn't post images, because of the effort needed to prepare such a detailed report and then make posts back and forth to "prove" that I did it right and possibly even then suffer the onslaught of objections. But I will make the effort in this case and post some images a bit later.  Please be a bit patient. It's raining this weekend so maybe I'll get a chance.

No worries at all. New information always brings attention. Most see it as simply that. No one should be bothered by it in any regard. Good luck and let us know what you find. Those that can use the information well...will. It's just a forum after all. Good Luck

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