Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: The Chimp and the Scholar
In reply to rattymouse, Apr 16, 2013

rattymouse wrote:

Excellent write up.  Very well said.  I doubt it will truly enlighten anyone about why film is still a valid art form.  Those that truly loathe film as we have seen in the thread will continue to take every chance to talk down those who continue to shoot and enjoy film.

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9 years of Fujifilm camera usage, ended by rampant fanboyism.

I agree with you.   I just cannot understand the "hate" for film some people have.  I understand people moving on and loving digital, but it does not stop there.

It is almost like religion, as if they have converted over to a new faith and now insist everybody else has to as well.    What's next, line up every film user against a wall and shoot them?   Okay, that's over the top, but in all seriousness, some of the attitudes I personally have run into when I say I still use film, that honestly the impression I am left with.  Give it a break people, doesn't everybody have freedom of choice or not?

Of course, I should also be smacking myself off the top of the head (aka NCIS style) for being so stupid as to expect anything but but a foregone conclusion to a question like this on a  forum dedicated to *DIGITAL* photography.

For sake of arguement, I would love to see all the posters here sign up for a membership on the APUG forums (Analog Photo Users Group) which is all film, wet darkrooms, etc,  no digital at all allowed.  Wonder what kind of replies and reception you would get then? 

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30 years of Nikon camera usage, totally fed up with by rampant fanboyism, but realized these freaks exist in all brands, so whatcha gonna do?    

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