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Re: Boston 4/15/2013

LMNCT wrote:

First of all, I am glad that your wife and friends were spared and sorry that so many others were not.  This is the time for a nice sharp shot (or video) of the individual/s who placed those bombs.  If ever there was a reason for photography, this sort of disaster would be it. I hope that everyone who was using a camera or camcorder in the area will forward their images to the FBI.

Good thinking.  I did not even consider that.  I'm not much of a detective I guess.

But the person must have been aware that there would be hundreds of cameras around, so I guess he will have been careful, with a disguise or something.  Or maybe the devices were planted there well in advance?

We all need to open our eyes and see as much as we can.

... without becoming paranoid or letting our lives be dominated by fear and suspicion.

Because that is actually what terrorists (in the most literal sense of the word) want.

And we need to tell those we love that they are cherished.

That is the main message for me.

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