Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Re: I want to disagree, but couldn't. DSLR still rein in term of performance/price
In reply to 007peter, Apr 16, 2013

007peter wrote:

vzlnc wrote:

Not to mention the bloated ridiculous price on most of these small sensor cams. After charging 1000$+ for the m43 sensor camera, they dont have a built-in flash but have a OVF hump. How much more wannabe can it get! You get a better camera for 500$ and will also have access to a more mature and exhaustive family of lenses and accessories while getting better IQ, at the expense of a little weight and size which a lot of ppl serious about photography dont really bother about.

I would love to disagree but I couldn't.  The truth is DSLR rein supreme when you factor in Price/Performance ratio.  Take the $1100 Nikon D7100 for example,


it run circles over Panasonic GH3 or Olympus e-M5 in every performance category but the video.

It is about 1 year newer than OM-D. And yet it has only fixed screen, its CDAF for precise autofocus or face detection is pathetically slow, its maximum framerate is only 6 fps vs 9 fps, its JPEGs look pathetic compared to Olympus, especially splashing yellow-green junk everywhere at high ISO, and there is no convenient way to adjust contrast curve and preview the result (compare to the two-wheel adjustment of the OM-D), and it has only 16:9 and 3:2 crops, so no 4:3 or 1:1, so in portrait orientation, here comes the cropping, for every shot (as the formats are unusable vertically on modern media). And it is more expensive, bigger and much heavier, you would think they could have fitted MORE features/technology, not less.

Nikon also a very mature flash system.  Micro43's native flash leave much to be desire.

Please elaborate.

Canon / Nikon has every lens under the sun covering every need

And where is a Canon/Nikon reasonably sized/priced APS-C tele zoom with f/2.8 aperture? Which would be what, 50-150 or so?

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