Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

There are zillions of people shooting photos with their iPhones, and some of those people will get excited about photography, and they will want to step up to a "real" camera, and the common perception in the United States is that a real camera is a DSLR.

The majority of people buying DSLRs will be too intellectually lazy to really figure out how to use them, and they will get tired of them and go back to using their iPhone. But don't worry, if they can afford an iPhone, they can afford an entry-level DSLR and won't go bankrupt because they bought one.

But will they choose a mirrorless model instead? I think so; it's much more familiar to them and smaller. So the person that wants a better camera will gravitate toward such models first, I think. But time will tell.

I was struck by a recent camera store visit. All the 'old man' DSLRs behind glass, on the shelves (with big lenses and big bodies). All the 'small and cute' playthings on display, for customers to touch and hold and play with. Many mirrorless models on display to touch and hold too.

Since my last camera store visit some years ago, the landscape has completely changed. We probably aren't seeing the mirrorless onslaught in full effect yet, because I think the cam industry is not selling as much as they'd like thanks to phones. But I think mirrorless will continue growing at the expense of DSLRs (I love to use both).

I just can't see the masses going for the 'old man' DSLRs with big bodies. Some will continue to, but most that want to go beyond compacts will go mirrorless and be far more familiar with how it works too (no mirror to try to get used to and a smaller size than an 'old man' DSLR), assuming they want a quality jump beyond compacts.

This is incorrect.
As long as the common perception is that a "real" camera is large and has an optical viewfinder, that's what people will buy. A small mirrorless camera is perceived to be too much like an iPhone and therefore not a step up

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