Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Re: Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform
In reply to Bart Hickman, Apr 15, 2013

Bart Hickman wrote:

Exactly.  My point is a telephoto lens doesn't care about flange distance.

OK, lets say you get this point. Because I do not own the sony so I really cannot prove you are wrong.

As for the photozone results, they are normalized.  So if the sensor is limiting the resolution in the center (but not at the edges), it will appear to make a lens more uniform across the frame.

what you mean? PZ shows centre, border and extreme border figures.

Normalized means the resolution is in terms of lines per picture height, not pixels.  If the lens is the limiting factor, adding resolution won't change the results.

You are wrong here, as Erik has explained, whenever you use a camera with higher resolution, lens resolution figures will improves. Compare canon 8mp 350D and 15mp 50D, there is generally 10-20% improvement. So if there was a 24mp canon, we should expect another 10-20% improvement depending on the lens.

Pretty much no modern lens is "limiting the resolution".

For all we know, if you put that Canon lens on a 24M sensor, it'll only get sharper in the center (and I would expect that the center will improve more.).

I will improve both centre and edge.

It will not.  It'll improve much more in the center assuming the lens was limited in the center in the first place.

It will improve every place on the lens. check 350D and 50D results difference.

BTW, I think part of what makes that Canon cheap is it does not come with a hood and it has a rotating front element (which is unusually primitive behavior these days.)

Both true. Being half the price is just part of the bonus (though can sony justify twice the price just for a hood and non-rotating front for a Telephoto zoom?). it got has better IQ and more range.

The MSRP isn't half the price.  Sony just seems to be holding street price up high.

MSRP doesnt mean much at all. often lens MSRP does not change over time but its market price continuously falls, the canon has been out for a few years now while the sony is still relatively new. But value and performance wise MSRP and product age mean nothing.

Sort of like a lot of m43 lenses are also a bit pricey because people value the small size.  I think the cheaper plastic construction, plastic mount, rotating front element, no hood could easily explain the MSRP difference.

All true. except the sony lens is not that small or light. and I do not think there is a big difference in build quality. the canon is surprisingly well built, i think it is better compared to 18-55 and 50 F1.8

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