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Re: true and 14-24 on d800 only scores 17
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Shaun_Nyc wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

BTW, the real test should be at equivalent FL and equivalent f-stops with common lenses.

When comparing resolution across formats you have to keep the subject distance constant. DxO apparently doesn't do that. Might be a source of some of their inconsistencies

true !

I find it interesting that: 14-24 on d800 only scores 17 MPix

I'm not surprised.  14-24 is not really that fantastic as someone claimed.  It's excellent at 14mm side in center but not that sharp in edges/corners.  It's not that good at 24mm side (if I remember correctly that I can double check).

they haven't tested the 17 T/S on 5d3 yet.  My guess is that it scores 19 like the siggy 35

'joger' has several threads that show 17 TS-E on 5D2 (no mention 5D3) is sharper than 14-24 on D800 in edges/corners.

The 17tse is simply better in the corners compared to 14-24. It's an architectural specialty lens, no big news here. Doesnt take a single thing away from the 14-24 which is still by far the best wide zoom around. Hope Canon can at least match it

Agreed.  I know many Canon shooters are waiting 14-24L.  Personally I am not a fan of UWA zoom or prime.  Recently I sold 17-40L.  Now my travelling bag just contains 17 TS-E, 24-70L II, and one of 70-200L IS (I think I am selling 70-200L/4.0 IS as at least in this year I will only carry 70-200L/2.8 IS II in trips) and 15 FE.  I can live in the gap between 17 and 24mm.  Moreover now I always fix vertical perspective in my photos, one of reasons I don't prefer UWA zoom or prime as I hate those ugly-looking vertical converging lines at sides.  Once you fix vertical perspective, you will lose certain areas of edges and also will impact resolution after stretching edges.  So likely 14mm will not be actual 14mm wide after fixing vertical perspective.

He acknowledges 14-24 on D800 in center does outresolve 17 TS-E on 5D2 clearly.  Then he stitched two photos from 17 TS-E on 5D2 then the stitched photos will outresolve D800 with 14-24 in entire frame especially in edges/corners.

This was kind of silly as anytime you stitch you increase resolution. I can easily (and already have) stitched w the 5Dc with better results than a D800

Joger just shows he can leverage 17 TS-E better n his style of photography.  But I agree everyone has different needs.

Anyway 14-24 is not in the same league of 24-70L II or 70-200L II, just my opinion

Both those lens probably dont do 14mm too well either 

5D 100L  3 stitched

Nice shot!  I prefer photo stitching than UWA if I could as stitching photos look more naturally, less distortion and higher resolution.  All hand-held.  First one from 70-200L/4.0 IS and second one from 24-105L.  They are only about 1/6 of original sizes.

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