Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

The only reason to shoot film nowadays is if you like the look of film better. I don't mean resolution. At best, you're going to get around 20-22 megapixels equivalent from 35mm film (Velvia scanned at 4000 dpi, f. ex.). Of course, if you shoot medium or large format, the resolution can be much higher.

I shoot both and for different reasons. For pictures of my small kids I shoot digital, because it takes around five million shots to get anything useful. When I'm not dealing with fast-moving or unpredictable subjects, I like the look of film better.

If you do shoot film, however, it is imperative that you get good scans, either by doing them yourself on a high-quality scanner, or by taking the film to a professional lab. Poorly scanned film looks terrible.

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