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Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

Started Apr 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Figures show mirrorless gaining ground?
In reply to coudet, Apr 13, 2013

coudet wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Take out AF from the equation, DSLRs have NOTHING left over mirrorless.

Besides quality ergonomics, availability of many native and third party accessories, and ubiquity of native lens options, and...

dSLR's have a TON of things left over mirrorless cameras!

This is absolutely true of the current mirrorless v DSLR offerings, however it's not an inherent flaw of the mirrorless cameras. There's nothing stopping Panasonic or Sony from making a camera that handles well, though no mirrorless manufacturer has done so yet. Fuji and Olympus seem more concerned with making those horrible faux-retro styled cameras.

The real flaws of mirrorless are AF, viewfinder and battery life. AF may be solved one day, all makers are moving towards PDAF on sensor. There's no solution for poor viewfinders and battery life in mirrorless cameras.

Totally agree. Add to this, the bad ergonomics of the small cameras, with very few external controls. And to add to to gimmicky approach, there are also some mirrorless with touch screens, I wonder how difficult its going to be to use a touchscreen when perhaps you might have a longer lens or a flash attached to your camera and have to hold the whole thing at an arms length while trying to touch the screen. Not to mentions there is no question of using an EVF with that camera. This is not even in the same ball park compared to the easiness of changing the settings on a DSLR which we do without even taking out eye off the OVF where all the buttons are designed to be on our finger tips. Mirrorless is just not designed to be as versatile. There are always compromises most of which are driven by size. There is nothing wrong with mirrorless itself, ppl who want a small camera with good quality will buy it, but there is no point arguing that its better than FF.

Not to mention the other shortcomings like not having the same level of accessories as FF or the slow autofocus. Mirrorless currently is no match to the ease of use and the speed and control a DSLR gives you when you can compose using the viewfinder and having the AF-C tracking your subject while you can change any settings using the two command dials and have all your controls at your finger tips. Not to mention that IQ will always be better than the smaller sensors.

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