Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Re: This only matters if .......... Re: Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform
In reply to plevyadophy, Apr 13, 2013

plevyadophy wrote:

 rattymouse wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote about the state of mirrorless camera sales and published the most recent data.

Mirrorless cameras continue to lose ground to SLR cameras.  The rate of increase of mirrorless sales does NOT match that of SLR's.   So not only is mirrorless not on pace to overtake SLR sales, they are in fact LOSING ground.


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This only matters to anyone if ............ they actually believed mirrorless cams would or wanted mirrorless cams to overtake traditional mirrored SLRs in sales.

If you chose a mirrorless system, or any system for that matter, because it suited you these figures won't matter one jot.

In any event I think it's pretty obvious that in time that most interchangeable lens cams will lose that flip-flop mirror.

It's going to be a long time I suspect before an EVF can match the real-time, zero-lag zero-jitter zero-power-use view of a DSLR's OVF. The day will arrive but I don't see it on the calendar yet.

Secondly, this kinda thing is a bit like the days of yesteryear when Olympus introduced the first interchangeable lens SLR with live-view which earned it the ridiculous statement by the founder of this site, in his review, of a being a camera with a feature that was "a solution looking for a problem". Source: Olympus E-330 Review, Conclusion, page 27.

I suspect live view got added to so many cameras so the competitors couldn't say 'we have live view but our competitor doesn't.' The only value it holds for me is that it lets me use the articulated screen to shoot the occasional photo at an angle where I wouldn't be able to see through the viewfinder. Other than that, it's one of the the most dispensable 'features' on my camera.

Back then, I am sure traditionalists would have been gloating that "SLRs with live-view are not on pace to overtake ordinary SLR sales, they are in fact LOSING ground". However, when not long afterwards Canon put live-view in a DSLR, not any old DSLR mind you but their flagship 1D series SLR (introduced in the Canon 1D Mark III), then the writing was pretty much on the wall.

Live view is nice but very much a secondary consideration for most dslr users, I suspect.

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