Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Re: Don't Blame "salespersons", the fault lies with BUYER themselves
In reply to 007peter, Apr 13, 2013

007peter wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

You are blaming the wrong person:

  • Salesman are happy to sell you any camera you want (dslr, nex, m43) so long as he/she get the commission
  • Salesman are all about the $$ money $$.  They're not fanboys to advoate a particular brand

They can be 'fanboys' if they get more commission on one brand or model than another. It all depends. Everything else you wrote I agree with. Customers with little product knowledge are far more susceptible to be influenced by sales staff too; which is why product training for these guys (from the camera makers themeselves) is important.

The blame lies with the consumer themselves who has a habit of buying what the pro use.  How often have we hear something like this:

  • Buy Canon, Bob next door is a professional photographer and shoot with a canon dslr
  • Buy Nikon, my coworker Sally makes good money shoot babies portrait part time. She uses Nikon DSLR, so get Nikon, they're the best baby photo makers

I never met a Pro photographers who only use Mirrorless for his work.  The few that do always use Canon/Nikon dslr for his/her "SERIOUS WORK" and mirrorless for his/her casual vacation shoot.

I have no idea how many people go into a camera store wanting what the pros use, or that are influenced by that line. Possibly a lot, I don't know. But I know that many of them with little product knowledge are influenced by sales staff. Or is that $ales $taff? And sales staff tend to push what they profit on most. Then ask you if you would like some accessories

The message to American buyers is clear.  Mirrorless, while portable, are not good enough for professional works.  That is why mirrorless isn't selling well in the USA.  (don't shoot the messenger, this is not what I believe, but is the message we're giving out to people).

I believe it to some extent; DSLRs from the market leaders are still infinitely better in some very practical areas. And some features you see on mirrorless you wonder why they aren't done better on DSLR and just shake your head. At least I do.

Until Professional Photographer start to embraced Mirrorless camera, mirrorless will never sell well in the USA.

I think it will be simpler than that. Most of the market will decide on smaller cameras and the DSLR makers who don't also sell them will be lost. But we are seeing more mirrorless competition now than ever, so I think most manufacturers know which way the wind is blowing.

==================== (on related note, I speak from experience)

I used to sell Tennis Rackets when I was young.  Everybody want to buy a tennis racket that that professional use, which are the worst choice for beginner without skills.  I often tell them that professional have a different need than a beginner, but I can't sell a tennis racket that way.

Everyone comes in aspire to be Pete Sampras and buy a super-heavy (Wilson ProStaff 90), or they fellow Andre Agassi and buy themselves an over sized (Head Radical 110).

Like it or not, most American tend to be Pro-Wanna-Be and they buy whatever the camera/tennis racket that the professional uses.  I learned quickly if I want to make commission, I tell them exactly what they want to hear:

"You want to buy that outrageously expensive $300 Wilson Prostaff 90 because its what the former #1 Pete Sampras uses so it must be good!"

Hehe. Funny story, and this is why testimonials and sponsorships and commercials and all that nonsense works on the masses; nobody wants to take the time to find out what's right for them and will trust a well-known name to decide for them and (usually) happily pay the premium for that confidence

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