Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Re: The most important factor is emergence of superb cameras on cell phones.
In reply to Jorginho, Apr 12, 2013

Jorginho wrote:

Just go into a shop, pretend you are looking what they have and listen to the salesperson and the nonsense he blurts out. But he sells the cam 9 out of 10 times. And the cam he sells is either driven by the profit he makes on them and/or the ease of the sell.

With mirrorless cams it simply takes mroe time to educate people. also: if people have the intention to buy a DSLR there is zero reason to talk them out of it from a sales point of view. Most likely, people will need to rethink their choice. Your aim as a salesperson is to sell NOW. People that come into your shop and have made their mind op for 80% need little convincing. Why should you talk them out of it, unless you are not going to make money on it?

I have seen this before, there are shops in my region that get more money from Sony. I know so because i know exworkers. So I even went into a shop when it was very buzzy. Some peole saw me with a cam and started asking me questions. I told them what I thought about mirrorless cams and said that their best choice was a m43 cam. She wanted to use extra lenses etc. I also warned her that the salesperson would talk herinto Sony in this place. I bought the samsyang fisheye, tested it and returned because of some issues with it. And sure enough, she bought the Sony NEX5. I heard the salesperson really saying lots of nonsense. Yesterday, one such person told me how good NEX7 was in focus tracking. Excuse me...? No mirrorless is good in it and certainly not the NEX7.


The salesperson are much more important than specs. Marketing is much more important. Being familair with a name and a system is more important than innovation for the total sales. Nikon and Canon have a huge advantage here. People know them, people trust them, people know DSLRs more than mirrorless cams: it is an easy sell, unless you have some strong (financial) ties. Like in my example with Sony.


Here's another spin on why possible reason for decline of mirrorless camera sales.

I was recently in BB to look at Nikon A.     The salesperson I spoke with said eventually mirrorless and P&S will end up like the dinosaurs.  Why,  I asked?

He said it  is because improvements in cell phone camera  IQ.  Most popular seller is Apple iPhone5 but Andoid not far behind.   And  cell phone camera IQ is "good enough" quality for the "John and Martha's"  who are  not really interested in added expense and  in carrying more imagining devices (cameras).   Salesman said almost everyone owns at leastone  cell phone.    Also the impact of immediate uploading of  images and videos on social sharing  websites is a big reason for camera sales decline, in the salesperson's opinion.    

Salesperson said he sells more smart phones in a day than mirrorless cameras in a week.  Very few customers even know about mirrorless cameras or even care about the IQ benefits.  .   

That will kill the mirrorless and P&S cameras for all except the Pros and rabid photo euthanasia.  And the likes of DPR forum gear heads.

So,  hang  on to your mirrorless cameras.  Soon  they will be a novelty?

I myself own 3 Pammy MFT, and Sony RX100 , and the iPhone5  that I always carry..   Admittedly I have a bad case of G.A.S.     

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