Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

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Mahmoud Mousef
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gut instincts / no proof
In reply to rattymouse, Apr 12, 2013

Mirrorless models will trample on DSLRs in coming years, sales-wise.

I still use both for what each is good at (so please don't label me a fanboy of one side or the other), but I look in the camera stores and just can't see these huge DSLR models attracting the unwashed masses as much as mirrorless.

DSLRs, with their unintuitive use for so many used to dealing with mirorless compacts and phones...I can't see them growing much (or appealing to the females) half as much as smaller sexier models filling the camera stores worldwide as we speak.


What's more interesting to me is: who is buying DSLRs (what are the main demographics) and why  are they choosing them? Judging by the oversmiplified controls on my D5100, I'd have to say a lot of 'newbies' who don't know their ISO from their shutter. If that's the case, how much longer can these HUGE cameras appeal to the general buying public? Many of them are unsexy; very much so.

Of course to the right person, this hugeness appeals. But the masses in general don't want large AND they want the richness of information display on an EVF. As EVFs improve, along with other aspects of mirrorless cameras, I just see more and more reason for DSLR sales to slide. I love optical for some reasons, and EVF for others. In the future, there'll be more reason to love EVF and less for optical.

Sheer lunacy

Call it common sense, or uncommon sense, or sheer nonsense, but that's the way I see things progressing in the future. Doesn't anyone else? In fact, I see smaller sensor sizes gaining traction in the future, much like Nikon's 1.

Especially as tech gets better. The masses don't want huge, and as the performance increases, the manufacturers won't ignore the benefits of small(er) everything (for the masses). And they want the rich informational displays of an EVF; right now everything is coming with their own compromises, but in the future there'll be less.

No DSLR extinction...yet

I don't see DSLRs dying out anytime soon (even though I think their fate is inevitable), but how much longer can these unsexy devices dominate, especially given the rate of development of sensors, displays, video and computing power we are seeing, along with the familiarity and intuitiveness of mirrorless photography?

I haven't examined any current figures in any detail at all (and half of them are probably lies, depending on who is doing the telling), but I'd be surprised if DSLRs are growing, or will grow, faster than mirrorless over the longer-term.

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