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Re: so the real question ...
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Kim Letkeman wrote:

Nightwings wrote:

CLEARLY .... as expected ... L size yields more detail .... albeit with added nose

We have to "face" the facts of added "nose" ...

Kidding ...

I don't quite understand why you want so badly for L size to be proven to have more detail, but the reality is that these are awful painterly looking crops and the slight increase in detail in the L size is irrelevant. The old school cameras stomp the HS50 into dust in these shots ...

So I would think that people would focus on that difference and declare the HS50 a crappy camera in general ... of course, I think they would be wrong and that is the crux of where the testing should be focused.

Every image I publish is shot in M yet according to these tests mine should all look like paintings. But they do not.

Ergo, what the heck is going on with these tests? Only two people (besides you I mean) are strong advocates of L size ... one shoots in blazing sunlight and publishes small images, and the other publishes a constant stream of mush.

So I guess I return to the point ... what is it that causes you to want L to be CLEARLY better so badly? I'm truly curious about that.

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Kim is not a question whether I "want" them to be better ..... the fact is .... they are better in producing detail. The noise, as was mentioned can be easily mitigated. It defies logic that an 8mpx image would produce the same level of pixel peeping detail of a 16mpx image ... that was shot in it's native 16mpx resolution. This is something I discovered with the P510. I was never a fan of going to such a high mpx count sensor for a piinhead sensor.. but I gave it a go anyway. I discovered that the detail gained was worth the PP to handle the noise ... and sometimes no PP is necessary. While I laughed at the 18mpx sensor in the P520, I soon discovered that they managed to eek out an extra 2mpx of information... making images produced from the P520 more detailed than the P510. The same SHOULD be said about the HS50 .... while you would agree, the lens isn't as pin sharp as it could be.... ones recourse with that camera is to make full use of the sensor's 16mpx. I truly believe that those shots posted by people in full res L mode .... show more detail.... albeit slight ..... over those same images posted in M mode. Now one can take CERTAIN images and massage them to look quit nice in M mode..... but for other kinds of detailed images, L mode clearly shows its superiority. If I were to purchase the HS50... I'd be shooting it in L mode.... under bright light.... just as how I've shot every bridge cam I've had. If I want low light... I whip out the DSLR.

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