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Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform

Started Apr 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mirrorless- Continuing to Under Perform
In reply to olliess, Apr 11, 2013

olliess wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Problem with mirrorless is not a simple one.

For m43 and Nikon 1, at the least from where I am sitting, the problem is the price. One would think that savings from the mirror assembly would be reflected on the price. Lenses (m43) that are 1/2 in diameter and 1/8 in volume compared to 135 format should be in theory be significantly cheaper. But they are not. You cannot really blame Oly and Panasonic for too greedy because they are nto making money as is.

It's always a tough call there. Make more money by selling more cameras or selling more expensive ones?

Perhaps the problem is too many new models. Canikon offer 1 new low end body a year and 1 mid range body every two to three years. it keeps design, testing, and production cost down.

Panasonic and Olympus seem to offer 2 low end body a year - like G and GF line. Its not exactly efficient use of design, testing and production rescouces. add to that every time a new GF comes out the old one gets heavlly discounted, it does not help maintaining the perception of good value and brand image either.

As for lenses, I think they just are efficient full stop.

The m4/3 cameras certainly are "nicer" than entry-level DSLRs, but does that mean enough sales?

I dont know about that. I had play with entry level M43s, never felt they were better built than entry level SLRs.

It doesn't help either that there's has been a flood of discounted older m4/3 (and Nikon 1) cameras on the market recently.

I think the problem is not just recently, it has always been so.

For Sony, the problem is IQ. their made flange back distance too short to make the camera as compact as they can, now they are paying the price - they just cannot make lenses perform well wide open around the corners. Once people buy into the system and want decent glasses, they can find none except use an adapter and shoot MF lenses. Not everyone's cup of tea.

Just because you have the short flange back distance doesn't mean you have to use it to make pancake wides.

But that is exactly what sony is doing, they make pan cake as flat as they can. the rest is every review you come across give it a below average score.

But the resolution is enough now that they have to deal with it if you want to use rangefinder-style lenses (same problem Leica has to deal with).

I seem to remember reading somewhere Leica spent a lot of energy fitting  expensive microless to deflect light coming from hard angle to make better use of them. and that was suppose to be part of the reason why their M digitals are so expensive.

Sony just doesn't have a lot of lenses.

I think they do. Sony has been on mirrorless market for 4 years now and M43 5 years. the gap is not so big anymore. they have 7 zooms and 6 primes, more than enough to make a competitive collection if they had good IQ. I think Contax G only had 7 lenses.

And both formats really suffer in visibility. You can go to Best Buy and see a whole collection of Canikon and some Sony, including full frame DSLRs. There's usually also 'a' box with 'a' Sony NEX-5R, placed somewhere between the DSLR and P&S aisles. Where are the NEX-6/7 so I can look through the EVF? Where's the OM-D in the store, period?

I dont think we can say mirrorless do not know how to do marketing. I am sure they hire experts in that field and pay them mega bucks. I think they have tried in the past and it simply did not generate sufficient return. In New Zealand I have seen strong marketing compaign by oly and pana in the past to push their m43, but I dont see them all the time. It must mean they decided it was not worth the cost.

Likes of Warmart and Costco are not stupid, they sell whoever that give them the best deal and whatever product that can sell. If they do not stock m43, it means they cant sell them fast enough or cannot make enough money selling them.

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