Continuation: Sensor Size, Present & Possibilities

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This thread should be called 'The Death of Photography'
In reply to EinsteinsGhost, Apr 11, 2013

Does sensor size even matter now that photography is becoming a completely electronic medium? Who prints anymore? I mean ink jets suck and I rarely see a place with a 1 hr. photo department that has a staff member in it.

Besides, just about every photograph posted on the internet today, no matter how good or bad it is, is only veiwed for a few seconds before the viewer is on to the next one... And sites like this one are to blame. There's some great photography posted here but most people only care about what kind of camera or software was used not the actual photograph.

Anyway I'm one of you, I only look at a photo for a second or two even if I think it's one of the most amazing photo's I've ever seen. Then there's the question that always pops up in my head; is this real or PhotoShop?

So photography is dying, it's almost gone completely electronic, it's audience suffers from ADD and there's no credibility to it anymore... there used to be some truth in photography.

Sure there will always be magazines and bill boards but for art and self expression... Well digital just made it into a cheezy cliche'. Take a picture of a half naked woman, empty boats on calm water, urban decay, an athlete in hard lighting to show off the muscle, an amazing landscape at sunset or sunrise, it's all become expected. That's another reason why no one contemplates photographs anymore, it's all been done and relegated to the background of life like noise pollution.

Call it visual pollution, one second you see a nude woman in a sexy pose and the next you see a pile of children killed in a bombing followed by an advertisment for a footlong sub followed by more sex and then more violence and then an ad for shoes and then more sex and then food and then violence and then ads for cars and then sex and then sex and food and then sex and cars and then sex and violence. And then sex becomes violence because women are food. Buy this car and maybe some food will have sex with you and that woman will taste better if you buy this car. And if you can't buy this car then drink some alcohal and beat your woman because all you can have is some stupid food and not a car.


And you will all now flame me and threaten me and call me names and tell me I have a problem. But wait, wait and see, watch all the money and time you spend and have spent on cameras and phones and camera phones and lenses and software and pointless pontification about this feature and that mode and that sensor turn into about as much value as what you dropped in the toilet this morning.

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