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Re: Any experience with 42nd Street Photo?

Stay away from 42nd Street Photo.  I made the mistake of falling for their low prices and ordered a NEX.  I didn't really start seeing the bad reviews until after I placed the order so I was pretty worried by the time I got it. I kept meticulous records and videoed myself opening the box just in case.

The box contained a Sony USA warranty but the camera was a PAL-50i.  Now why would a PAL-50i camera and a copy of the Sony USA warranty be in the same box?

I had been contacted by "Jonathan" from 42nd Street Photo the day before reminding me to give a good BizRate review after I got my order.   I sent him an email telling him what I found and got a response immediately that they would make it good and to send it back.  He said they sent me that model because it was the one most customers wanted.  BS!!!!  They tried to pull a fast one on me but it didn't work (thanks to this forum).

I got the full refund within a week but this whole ordeal was not worth the aggravation in my life.  I had to pay for return shipping but I'll gladly accept that to keep from messing with those people again.  What really jacks me up is knowing there are so many vulnerable people out there (my mother comes to mind) that may not even know they've been had until it's too late.  You have to look really close on the camera nameplate to tell the difference without turning it on and trying to find the video options.

I ended up ordering the same camera from Sony Store online.  The warranty paper looked totally different from the one that came from 42nd Street.  Same camera.  Keep in mind that just because the manufacturer's website let's you register a grey market camera serial number does not mean that they will cover it if you have to send it in.

Never again.

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