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Re: On DOF
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Biggs23 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

Again, you're avoiding the point.

One doesn't do that by specifically asking for something on the subject. One does that, by ignoring that request (and worse, pointing the finger the other way).

Agreed, but you're not asking about something on topic, you're asking for something irrelevant to the topic.


I have, several times.

I find that if I equalize FoV than FF has less DoF.

So, you agreed with me. You can equalize the FoV by using a 200mm lens on FF to match 135mm lens on APS-C.

Not quite. Try again.


I have, several times.

Definitionally, without additional context, 'need' actually is about life or death. Try again.

Weird idea.

Yeah, pesky reality. It really gets in the way sometimes.

I didn't say weirdness and reality are mutually exclusive.

Now isn't that the truth!

Accept what you're asking for. In a previous thread you asked for an image that couldn't be created with a MILC and I provided one only to have you ignore it. Then you asked for proof that a FF could do something that a MILC couldn't and I provided it in video form, which you rejected only because I didn't actually take the video myself.

Why exactly do you think that image can't be created with an MILC? Is it presence of a mirror that is doing that?


Negative. It's not about the MILC technology, it's the fact that no MILC currently exists that is capable of creating it. Perhaps some day in the future that will change.

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On the original topic, regarding FF's demise, I think its not going to happen anytime soon. Definitely not in the near future. Digital led to film's demise (though it exists as a niche) bcoz digital brought a completely new system and workflow to the photography world. The current new technologies in digital are mostly incremental and are not disruptive in the film vs digital scale. So new systems in the digital world are not likely to dethrone FF. Size and weight factors are there, but there are many people who dont mind the extra weight and size. Furthermore, FF is going through advances of its own. Now there are relatively cheap consumer level bodies which are lighter and smaller. Overall, except for the size and weight criteria, there is nothing other systems have which beat the FF.

Secondly, it depends on the market fads which are highly unpredictable. Cell phones went from large to small to large again. It depends on what gets perceived as cool or the in thing. DX foms the mail revenue getter for Canikon, but FF is their flagship, so there will always be a prestige associated with it and the best things will get implemented in FF before it gets trickled down. Nikon and Canon get a brand name from their highend FF bodies and lenses, so they will always maintain that. Consumers too tend to start out with humble cameras and keep on upgrading as their budget permits. When one sees the difference the sensor size makes to the pictures, its tempting to get the biggest one within their budget.

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