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neil holmes
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Re: On DOF
In reply to olliess, Apr 10, 2013

olliess wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

There is no need for that. This was taken with NEX-3 and 35mm f/1.8 lens (wide open):

Why exactly would you need 50mm f/1.4 on FF?

A) To increase the subject isolation while keeping the same subject-background distance


I accept that for some people, the ability to have smaller dof is an advantage.

For me, even on much smaller formats, with fast lenses dof is shallow enough for almost every situation.

B) To keep the same subject isolation while decreasing subject-background distanceSame

Same as above

C) To increase the exposure to reduce noise

And here is actually and ADVANTAGE of smaller sensors in practical use for a lot of people.

Put a good fast lens on a smaller sensor and it remains a good fast lens...especially when a lens that gets the same angle of view is not made as fast for FF (think 85 1.2 ETC).    You "lose" the ability to have dof thinner than it otherwise could (but still thin enough???)  but you get to use lower isos/higher shutter speeds.

And if you want a bit more dof as well, well you can have that to...with FF you would have to stop down for the dof increase and lose the shutter speed....actually MORE of an advantage in the real world because I believe more photos are taken at fast f stops to get a lower iso/faster shutter speed than to get the super thin dof at FF (vs still thin enough for most dof on crop sensors with fast lenses).

D) To increase the shutter speed in case the subject suddenly jumps at the camera.

Same as above.

Do we need to continue?

As i have said before, I think the dof argument in favour of FF is over rated (and yes, many want it....including me) and for others the dof argument in FAVOUR of crop sensors is a bigger plus (including me).

IF all cameras of the same sensor size had the same pixel count, then these endless arguments might make more sense but since they are not and since technology keeps advancing....well it is just going to be light reading to pass time.  People ar e using FF cameras from 6mp to ???, same with apsc and other formats.

To ME, having a variety of sensor sizes is great thing....more choice.

I just got a m4/3 (2 x crop) camera yesterday (cheap and could not resist) to use with particular lenses along with my Pentax Q (5.6 x crop) and when it comes will get a FF mirrorless as well for lenses like 50 1.2 and 85 1.2......and a few others to come.

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