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Re: On DOF
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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

olliess wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

So, to match or beat an APS-C DoF achieved optically, you'd have to digitally crop the image out of FF, right?


The only confusion there is about you not being able to differentiate between digital cropping (FF file) versus optical results out of APS-C.

What's the difference between a) only collecting the light that falls on middle of the frame ("optical" crop produced by APS-C sensor) and b) collecting the light from the entire frame and using the pixels that are in the middle of the frame ("digital" crop of the FF sensor)? Except that in the second case you have the choice to use the extra image area if you desire.

You could throw a third instance to it (#2 below):

1- Exposing all of an APS-C sensor

2- Exposing part of a full frame sensor (FF in APS-C mode)

Unless there's a special shutter or a black mask for DX crop mode, I'm guessing you "expose" the whole sensor regardless. You just don't record all the data from the FF sensor.

3- Digital cropping

In #1 and #2, you compose accordingly, and likely expose for the composition. And #3 can be done to either, or to any sensor size. The question is, why would you prefer #3 over #1 or #2?

That's like asking, "Why crop at all?" The answer is that you like the picture better after trimming away off some of it.

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