Continuation: Sensor Size, Present & Possibilities

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Re: Continuation: Sensor Size, Present & Possibilities
In reply to EinsteinsGhost, Apr 10, 2013

I'll repost part of my response to danijel973 as I'd like to continue this discussion too, particularly in regards to full frame zooms and price/performance of lenses for various formats:

danijel973 wrote:

hesbehindyou wrote:

danijel973 wrote:

hesbehindyou wrote:

35mm ain't all about ultimate pixel-peeping quality.

I bought into full frame to get access to shallow depth of field. Get the same with a smaller sensor and I'll be happy.

It's not about the sensor, it's about the sensor/lens combination.

Aperture has an effect on depth of field? No s*** sherlock.

To match on APS-C what my £80 50 1.8 does with my £350 5D mk I I'd need a £1000 50 f1.2... and that wouldn't quite equal it in getting shallow depth of field. I'd also have to stand further back... sometimes difficult indoors.

That is partially true, but the other side of the coin is that most of the times you actually need deeper field in those situations so it's an advantage for APS.

Even if it is "most of the time" (and that's highly debatable) how is it an advantage to not be able to go more shallow with DOF as you can with full frame? There's nothing stopping you from stopping the lens down on full frame after all to get the same DOF as APS-C.

We keep talking about primes here but when it comes to zooms, that's where full frame really shines IMO. My standard zoom is a 24-120/4 on full frame. Indoors most of the time, I'm shooting wide open as there's plenty of DOF (usually a little more than I want). In order to match that not-so-shallow DOF with an APS-C lens, I'd need a 16-80/2.8. Try finding one of those.

The other important thing to consider is that your 50mm f/1.8 is a huge exception re: price/performance, in that it has an excellent combination of price, sharpness and aperture. Finding such a lens and using it as a yardstick is similar to finding an exceptional lens for another format and beating the hell out of 35mm with it.

Give an example of a true full frame equivalent lens for another format that "beats the hell out of a 35mm lens" based on price and performance. I'll be pleasantly surprised if you can find something as I have looked and cannot find anything.

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