How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

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Re: How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

j_photo wrote:

AofA wrote:

i'm just thinking about storage.

i'm an artist that works in photo and video.

my Mac has Thunderbolt.

i'm looking for a Thunderbolt enabled external HD,

but i'm not sure how much storage i need,

or do i need a raid?

i already own a 1TB G-Tech external HD,

and a 500MB G-Tech portable HD.

i don't keep my photos or videos on my computer.

My D800 (not E) raw files average around 40 MB each. According to a Google query, there are 1,048,576 MB in a Terabyte. So 1,048,576 / 40 = about 26,000 files.

That sounds low to me. Anyone care to correct my math?

RAID storage provides redundancy, so that a single failed drive doesn't necessarily cause data to be lost. It's designed for reliability and maximum uptime. But it's not the same as backup. Independent backup is most important.

Hard disk space is measured in powers of 10, not powers of 2. So 1TB = 1 000 000 MB.

In my experience a D800E camera RAW in 14 bit lossless compressed can be any size from about 30MB to over 50MB. If you are shooting, for example, blown-out white backgrounds in a studio, then the files will be smaller (blown-out white compresses well); intricately detailed images will be larger (they don't compress as well).

At 40MB average, you'll get 25000 files on 1TB; at 50MB average, you'll get 20000 files on 1TB.

One thing you should do is buy TWO or THREE disks - make sure you have backups.

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