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Re: Rubbish Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread
In reply to plevyadophy, Apr 7, 2013

plevyadophy wrote:

vzlnc wrote:

Amongst the different photography formats we have today, FF is the most versatile bcoz you can adapt it to work in a lot of different situations where other formats might not be fully up to the task.

Hmm, debatable

Not really, at least not between people with experience.

example: Low light, fast focusing, Thin DOF, high MP landscape or fashion work. Also FF cameras are mostly more rugged and weather sealed than other smaller digital cameras and are more capable of handling tough weather conditions etc.

You simply don't understand the nuances (now there's a word for you to go look up on Webster's!!) of the versatile. The word usually includes compromise; jack of all trades and master of none.

The problem is that a FF system IS a jack of all trades AND can be a master of several as well. Thus, it's the most versatile.

Fast Focusing: in practical use i.e. not testing on a test bench, the Oly OM-D and Pany GH-3 focuses as fast as any ff DSLR.

Negative. I've tried that in the real world and that is simply not true. When the light gets really low high end FF's reign supreme. It's just simple fact.

Thin DOF: Stick a Voigtlander Nokton on a mFT cam and you get thin d.o.f.

So you're arguing that versatility means that in order to get something you have to own a very specific lens and the correct adapter and be forced to work within the constraints of that one lens? What if you want thin DoF at a huge variety of focal lengths? Oh, that's right, then you have to have FF for the most versatility.

High MP landscape or fashion work: Hmm, that depends on where you define high MP. Before the Nikon D800 came out what would you or any of us have defined as high MP??!! The Oly OM-D and Panny GH3 are now at 16Mp, a pixel count once regarded as being quite high.

But we don't live in 'before'. We live in 'now'.

Having an optical viewfinder is very useful for tracking action shots compared to LCD and holding a camera at an arms length.

Gosh your sterotypes are breathtaking. Have you not seen the wealth of mirroless cams with built in viewfinders?????

100% coverage ones?

CDAF is nowhere close to being as fast as PDAF and there are many situations where you would want the speed of PDAF.

Utter rubbish as pointed out above. Go check the specs for the Oly OM-D for example and then tell me if your refelexes are so fast that you can avail yourself of the difference in speed between the OM-D's af speed and that of say the Canon 1DX. If you can, may I suggest you donate yourself to medical science.

There's a difference between specs on paper and real world use.

There are a lot of accessories available for FF that might not be easily available for other formats. Like wireless Flash systems, remotes etc not to mentions lenses.

Good God you really have been living on another planet. For mFT pretty much everything that is available for ff systems is available also for mFT including wireless flash, remotes;...

Really? What mirrorless system can make use of wireless radio triggers that are HSS capable without line of sight, such as RadioPoppers? Oh, none you say?

and in reponse to your last laughable claim re lenses please do tell me of a ff system that can use pretty much lenses for any lens mount (like mFT, X system, and NEX systems can)??

The problem is that with a FF system you don't need to adapt lenses because you already have everything you need in a native mount!

As far as versatile goes, I guess any other format currently lags behind FF. Yes, there are options

Lags far behind? No, you exaggerate.

He didn't say 'far behind', he just said behind, which is completely true.

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