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Re: Rubbish Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread
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vzlnc wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

vzlnc wrote:

versatile: turning with ease from one thing to another.

Gosh, I seriously can't believe the rubbish I have read in your post. I have to wonder whether you seriously believe that rubbish or perhaps you are playing devil's advocate so at to get the debate going.

Assuming the former, just in case there are fools who believe the rubbish you have written, I will address your points.

Amongst the different photography formats we have today, FF is the most versatile bcoz you can adapt it to work in a lot of different situations where other formats might not be fully up to the task.

Hmm, debatable

example: Low light, fast focusing, Thin DOF, high MP landscape or fashion work. Also FF cameras are mostly more rugged and weather sealed than other smaller digital cameras and are more capable of handling tough weather conditions etc.

You simply don't understand the nuances (now there's a word for you to go look up on Webster's!!) of the versatile. The word usually includes compromise; jack of all trades and master of none. A versatile product is NOT the best at every thing or even anything. A people carrier, especially if say you are a taxi driver, market stall holder lets say and a family man is far more versatile than an S Class Mercedes, but I doubt it would be regarded as superior in luxury and speed.

Low Light: Micro Four Thirds (mFT) does that very well now but yep ff does it better (but remember this ain't about THE BEST).

Fast Focusing: in practical use i.e. not testing on a test bench, the Oly OM-D and Pany GH-3 focuses as fast as any ff DSLR.

Guess, we are going to see the OM-D at the Olympics next time.

No, I doubt it but you may. Canon and Nikon DSLR systems for a VERY long time were WAAAAAAAAAY better than other systems and organisations like Getty and Reuters bought such systems in bulk. Wannabes think "gosh I wannabe like them (the pros shooting sports and news all over the world)" so they think that they gotta get the same gear (just like in law, stupid young lawyers used to think that to be a "real" lawyer you had to carry one of them silly pilot cases that most of the old farts were carrying). So Canon and Nikon got traction in sales but the world is changing. Also people in general, and photographers particularly, are resistant to change so they will stick with ther Canons. The young generation might not see a bulky Canon as a great idea for shooting sport especially as they won't have become additcted/conditioned to a particular way of working or a particular type of system.

Thin DOF: Stick a Voigtlander Nokton on a mFT cam and you get thin d.o.f.

Yes, spend 1000$ for the Voigtlander to get the same DOF which you can get with the 120$ 50mm f1.8 prime on FF. Or even with the long end of consumer zooms. Guess the voigtlander is more versatile here rather than a cheap zoom which gives me wide-angle, portrait length, thin DOF all in the same package.

The 24-85mm VR on FF covers requirements of 3-4 different lenses on m4/3.

There are cheaper options than the Voigtlander and yes a ff lens will get you SHALLOWER depth of field but so too will medium format. As I said, it's not about being the best in all or any one category; versatility is about increasing options and making compromises.

High MP landscape or fashion work: Hmm, that depends on where you define high MP. Before the Nikon D800 came out what would you or any of us have defined as high MP??!! The Oly OM-D and Panny GH3 are now at 16Mp, a pixel count once regarded as being quite high.

Rugged: well, the Oly OM-D is quite rugged and weather sealed  and I am not sure where you get your notion that ff cams are more capable of handling rough weather conditons.

Having an optical viewfinder is very useful for tracking action shots compared to LCD and holding a camera at an arms length.

Gosh your sterotypes are breathtaking. Have you not seen the wealth of mirroless cams with built in viewfinders?????But granted tracking fash pased action is better with an optical viewfinder (and if Fuji get their act together on the autofocusing front your argument goes out of the window because they have a cam that offers both EVF and optical viewfinder in one body)

CDAF is nowhere close to being as fast as PDAF and there are many situations where you would want the speed of PDAF.

Utter rubbish as pointed out above. Go check the specs for the Oly OM-D for example and then tell me if your refelexes are so fast that you can avail yourself of the difference in speed between the OM-D's af speed and that of say the Canon 1DX. If you can, may I suggest you donate yourself to medical science.

I think if you cant see the difference between CDAF and PDAF you should donate yourself to medical science, or maybe even they will find you worthless. I think you have never used a DSLR in your life.

you are "speaking" out of an orifice other than your mouth. (I have a DSLR right beside me thank you very much, it's just that I am not blinded by fanboyism). And no, in USE (as apposed to looking at a spec sheet) you CANNOT tell the difference between the CDAF of the top end mirrorless cams (that is Oly OM-D and Panny GH-3) and a PDAF system. For all other CDAF systems e.g. Fuji X cams, then yeah, there is night and day difference in favour of a DSLR.

There are a lot of accessories available for FF that might not be easily available for other formats. Like wireless Flash systems, remotes etc not to mentions lenses.

Good God you really have been living on another planet. For mFT pretty much everything that is available for ff systems is available also for mFT including wireless flash, remotes; and in reponse to your last laughable claim re lenses please do tell me of a ff system that can use pretty much lenses for any lens mount (like mFT, X system, and NEX systems can)??



If you are a Nikon shooter and you would like to have a lovely 5x macro lens, erm ............. forget it! go and buy a complete Canon system instead because only they have such a lens.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just buy that Canon lens and stick it on your Nikon body? But you can't!!! If I buy a Panny body that I like but don't like anything else of Panny's I can turn to Olympus to flesh out my system. Micro Four Thirds is a SYSTEM as well as sensor size, whilst ff is nothing more than a sensor size (with FOUR competing and incompatible systems from Leica, Canon, Nikon and Sony).

Apart from that, FF cameras are just built to me more responsive, fast, with batteries that last longer, with a lot other technical wizardry inside to suit any purpose.

I'll give you that one on the battery life but your other comments are debatable, well spurious to be honest. And besides, one might argue that whilst battery life on a ff cam is longer that on some mirrorless systems is long enough for most assignments.

As far as versatile goes, I guess any other format currently lags behind FF. Yes, there are options

Lags far behind? No, you exaggerate.

that are lighter and cheaper, but not by a lot. And even if we were to take that in account the

Not a lot lighter? OMG!!! Are you serious??!! I'll you what, go look at the Canon 580-EX flashgun, then measure it's volume and take note of it's weight with batteries. Now go look at say the Panasonic GH-2 with a 25mm f1.4 or 45mm f2.8 lens attached and compare. You'll find that the flashgun is pretty close in size to that Panny camera combo (and if you wanna run up your gums to the contrary I will call your bluff by taking a piccie to show ya)

little brother DX does almost everything the FF does in a smaller, lighter and cheaper package while still not compromising on the capabilities as much as the other formats do.

Contd in following post ........

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