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Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread
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vzlnc wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

vzlnc wrote:

vzlnc wrote:

FoolyCooly wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

Sorry, DX and MFT.

Good enough for what, exactly? All I'm saying is FF provides more DoF options and is therefore more versatile, which is the point of this and the other threads. Nothing more.

Good enough for everything.

How about birds in flight, fast moving kids, indoor or outdoor sports, which REQUIRE PDAF. Now its entirely a different story that you MIGHT just get a decent picture doing CDAF or manual focusing using zone system, but isnt that a hell lot more cumbersome, not to mention you will NEVER get the exact shot you want bcoz of the nature of CDAF. Regardless of the sensor size or the lens, CDAF is NOT SUITABLE for these situations. Hell, even in regular snapshots CDAF misses the exact moment many times.

How about hand-holding long telephoto lens, not only its awkward, its so shaky that none of the IS or VR systems are going to compensate enough. Its just goes against nature when you are holding a small gripless compact with a long telephoto at an arms length and trying to turn the zoom ring. There is a reason why rifle-scopes are attached like that and why archers hold their arrow close to their eye. Not to mention the paid you will end up with.

Also you have end with no AF tracking that is a MUST for such situations.

Also need to add things like you can change almost all settings of the camera WITHOUT taking your eye OFF the viewfinder. All your buttons are on the finger tips. You can focus and recompose with the press of a button without changing any settings and still have the subject in your view all the time. Just not possible with any other system. That means FF is more adaptable to any scene or condition you throw at it.

Sorry. I forgot I'm not supposed to do this.

What does the pic prove? Nothing except that with good practice and skills and some luck CDAF will also nail focus as fast as PDAF? (but not consistently ) These pics are quite common on the DSLR forums.

Not consistently at all.

Only 9 out of 10 in its first pass. FWIW, yesterday I had over 80% success rate (30 out of 37 BIF pics were keepers).

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