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Richard wrote:

danijel973 wrote:

I looked at your gallery. There's not a single image in there that couldn't have been captured with a cellphone, and in better quality. You don't need a superior camera system. You need to read books on photography and practice, because you lack basic skills.

Says the man who has 4 cameras one of the FF the other medium format and fast f2.8 glass or better and has a gallery full of narrow DOF images.

Half of which were made with a entry-level m43 camera and a Minolta lens from the '80s, and which the OP could've made easily with his Nikon, as far as hardware is concerned.

The OP has an old entry level nikon camera with a kit lens.

For the last two years I've been using Olympus E-PL1 almost exclusively, just to prove the point.

You already know the advantages of FF and fast glass and you can get pictures that the OP could never get with his system whether he read books or not

This is simply not true. He could make absolutely brilliant images with his Nikon and its kit lens. As an addition to the kit lens he could buy a set of Kenko macro extenders and a 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor for a very modest amount of money and create DoF thin enough to make his eyeballs bleed. I actually used such setup with my friend's camera and it is similar in all respects to the one I use on Canon and Olympus. It's neither about money nor about full frame. I used 43, APS and 35mm cameras and the differences in actual photographic abilities are minor; definitely nothing to lose sleep over.

One thing I know is that if he had your 50 1.7 or 85 1.8 he would be able to make shallow dof flowers shots like in gallery all day without reading a book.

Have in mind that the 50mm f/1.7 is mounted on E-PL1, with m43 sensor, and cost me around $30. So if he knew what to buy and what to do with it he could easily do something similar, but he'd have to read those books, because there's some basic theory behind all that. He seems to think that for versatility he needs a 35mm camera, and the fact is, he needs knowledge on how to adapt and use his current camera to obtain certain results.

Maybe if you explained how fast glass can help you overcome limitations in mirrorless of noise, narrow DOF, better AF in low light, that he might find his entry level or a mirrorless camera good enough or versatile enough that you may not need a FF depending on what you shoot.

I could do that, but I would still recommend that he reads books on basic photography, because equipment is not his problem.

But that still does not nullify his argument that FF is more versatile in almost every way.

No, it's not. Versatility in that sense doesn't have anything to do with sensor format. It's a function of the entire system, not camera alone. With smaller sensors you compensate with optics, but what he seems to think is that he could have his kit lens, put it on a 35mm camera and it would suddenly be more versatile. No it won't. I get versatility by having an ultrawide in my pocket to replace that portrait lens on the camera. I don't see how a 35mm camera with a 14-24mm lens is more versatile than a 7-14mm lens on m43. They both behave very similarly and need to be exchanged with an appropriate portrait lens if you want to shoot portraits. What I want to say is, you can build very versatile systems with 43, APS and 35mm, and inherent advantages of 35mm exist, but they are nowhere near as important or significant as the OP thinks. Also, there are some inherent disadvantages of 35mm, such as vignetting and getting sharp corners in wide angle. It's not a one-size-fits-all universal solution.

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