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>>>> Street Photography eXchange ..where is it? Locked

Started Apr 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: you are confused
In reply to oneANT, Apr 6, 2013

As I said, I am not aware of what's behind.
The historical "owner" of the exchange is Fad, I am not going to start one, I have not his competences.

You may disagree on my conclusions and get on fighting, but:
- it's quite clear where this single one dispute started;
- it can't be you to tell me what to think and what conclusions I should come to. Well, I'm an open minded one, it could be but rest assured that it isn't going to happen, given your paricularly aggressive attitude.

Using your technique, I could say: why doesn't Fad start the exchange instead of creating provoking threads. Why didn't you start the exchange instead of starting a thread asking where it had gone. So?

About the "we". I live in Italy and have some linguistic notions. OK, my English is a pidgin one, but don't start warming your engine: that "we" is called majestic plural. And Fad has got a proprietary attitude about "his" thread. Let's distinguish attacks and discussion from pure definitions of facts.

You know what? if you are not going to bear different opinions and sensibilities, you can use a closed/invitation forum, or a mailing list. This place is open and international. You have got your own attitude, Hexar to say one has got his one. Who is trying to kick outside who?

And who's trying to have some rules allow the both of you using this forum?

Ever heard of non participant observation? Get outside for a moment, look at what's happening. Put apart the sense of revenge, which has led to horrible conflicts, and start clean, just by observing what's happening now.

I stand with my previous post. I know the value of Frank's activity in this forum. What about that thing called reconciliation.

Oh, while I am at it: next time choose a better title for the post: you don't know me personally. We are not friends. Also, I won't have virtual enemies behind a keyboard. It's a waste of time.

BTW, I am not stupid. It is also quite evident that some sort of conflict existed. Once again, there's reconciliation. So, please, stop your call to the arms.

oneANT wrote:

how were you able to make this determination in this climate of deleted posts. even in your own posting history I see a recent deletion.

...so how did you come to this conclusion.

Why dont you start the exchange?

In fact why doesn't hexar start it? ..lol

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