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Re: I am confused
In reply to hexar, Apr 6, 2013

hexar wrote:

Frank,  you say to John  "  WE ARE ATTACHED"    Who are  "WE"  ?    Is there a group that you consider yourself to be part of  that is " under attach" ?     Who are  the group and what are the attaches ?

Hexar, "we" is "majestic plural". Not often used in English.

Personally, I don't think you need to apologize for your words. BTW, Frank is obviously missing that you are not native English speaker. When I read your post (I mean the one Fad is insisting on), I thought "prudery" - which is anyway a very different thing from what "they" want to read in it; it is quite evident you didn't accuse anyone of sexual perversion.

I don't agree with your analysis, but I fully respect your sensibility. You have had your style-lapse later, when you aggressively wrote "Did I ask you something ???" to the other guy (xtoph) politely answering to your question. I agree with the moderator that posting that question you could have received answers from anyone reading the thread, and you did. If, in that thread, you have to apologise with anyone, that's xtoph.

Frank: "the ruckus that led to..." has not be started by Hexar, and I am truly surprised a fine brained man like you are is not seeing it. Please, consider I don't know what's behind all that, what's happened earlier to have you so... ready, can't find the word. Hexar posted ONE controversial comment, and ONE bad answer, while you are flooding the forum. And you perfectly know that you're not going to have the moderator removed, nor having Hexar disappear. And I mean Hexar himself as any other guy with a touchy sensibility regarding the obvious, neverending controversial arguments.

The only thing that I end thinking about in this cases is: boy, why is anything sex related so controversial, while we digest enormous quantities of gratuitous violence, including the verbal one I am seeing around here these days???

Get over it. Shake your hands, apologise each other and lets go on.



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