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Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread
In reply to gandalfII, Apr 5, 2013

I think both of you have made valid points. In fact all the posts on this thread are valid.

However, if I may offer MHO: There are “only” two consequences that ultimately matter when taking a photograph, regardless of the “gear” used and the “activity” taking place that is photographed.

And that is IQ and Content. If the IQ is poor then the content of the shot is diminished. It may still be useful but is limited by the IQ. (Fortunately today we have Photoshop, etc. that corrects poor technique & ability)

It is the Subject or the Content of the shot that determines everything about it. I offer but two dramatic examples. Both from WWII. An era of slow B&W film, and by today’s standards primitive but still very capable cameras:

The photo? The raising of the American flag on Mount Suribachi at Iwo Jima, February 1945 by Joe Rosenthal. Taken with a Speed Graphic. It has become the most circulated photo in the world and probably the most famous. The photo was almost missed because some people were in the way and Joe was piling rocks for a better vantage point. A shout, “it’s going up” and Joe turned and snapped the shot.

It was a perfect photo as to IQ and content! Accidently so? Even Rosenthal thought so. But still………!

The other is the photo of the Sailor kissing the Nurse in Times Square on VJ day August 1945 by Alfred Eisenstaedt. He turned, saw the sailor and the girl, snapped the photo. Photo made life magazine’s cover. And reprinted everywhere in the free world, even today for both photos. (Coincidently, another photographer, Victor Jorgensen, made the same shot but from a different vantage point. It wasn’t considered as good because it showed less of Times Square)

Both are examples of IQ and Content coming together. (You can google them) But, of course, it IS the content that makes the photo. It just really helps and enhances the photo when the IQ is good. (perfect)

$25,000 worth of gear or a $400 P&S camera. It all comes down to the skill and imagination of the photographer in working with what he has. Some seem to have it, most don’t!!

Sometimes a completely random shot with a Brownie is a treasure, and a carefully composed and set-up shot with a half million $s of gear is junk!

Versatility is usually the boast of the overconfident, but unskilled. They trust in their gear rather than their abilities. (That would be most of us)

Personally? All I carry these days is the Canon G15 and the S110. Any other is just as good!

But the absolute bottom line for me is IQ. It is first priority in everything. It overrides everything else. And I’m able to, believe it or not, achieve it with a simple Canon G15.

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