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Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread
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FoolyCooly wrote:

olliess wrote:

FoolyCooly wrote:

What about the $600 price range?

For $600 you can get a DSLR with a cramped OVF or an E-PL5 with no viewfinder at all.

That DSLR is will also have issues with front focusing and back focusing or left side/right side AF issues where I will have none. There is no need for AF Micro Adjustment on a mirrorless system... yet I seem to have to add some compensation for each DSLR and lens combo I own.

I think you're exaggerating here, since phase-detect AF SLRs have been working pretty well for professional use for about the past 25 years. The fact that fine tuning is often possible for specific combinations, or that some cameras happen to be out of calibration or otherwise have QC issues, is really not an argument "against" DSLRs. With a phase-detect DSLR, you have the choice of using either 1) a PDAF system for following fast moving subjects with reasonable accuracy or 2) live view and CDAF (or MF) for static subjects with critical accuracy. At present, you can get a mirrorless body with much faster CDAF but much more limited PDAF (if at all), so I'd have to say the DSLR is more "versatile" in this respect.

An OVF is not needed on the E-PL5 because it's so lite. Holding it 10" from your face for an hour is no problem at all. Try the same with any DSLR and kit lens and tell me you don't get the shakes or that it just doesn't feel odd.

The OVF is needed for shooting in situations where the back screen is hard to see or is distracting. This has nothing to do with how "lite" the camera is. On the other hand, if you shoot with a big tele lens, I don't care how "lite" the body is, it's going to be shakier held 10" away than held close and braced against my face.

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