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Re: Contituation of the Versatility thread
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vzlnc wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Let us look at the definition you quoted: “Turning with ease from one thing to another”

My idea of that camera: Sony NEX-6 or similar. But let us look into it closer. Sony NEX-6, in addition to native lenses, just about any lens out there can be used if it will cover at least an APS-C sensor. To me, that is pretty close to having a “universal mount”: Versatility.

So you have to carry multiple adapters for all those different lenses in differing lens mount, right? That makes your camera carrying requirement much larger and with many more pieces. That severely hurts your argument.

Nope. Obviously, you didn't understand the rest of my post (or never bothered to read it before responding). Just to help you get the point, multiple adapter is akin to mutliple lenses. I may use one adapter for a variety of lenses, or leave an adapter each on the lens. But, ultimately, I pick based on how I want to use my camera.

Most of these non-native lenses will necessitate manual focus, which is actually a strength of the system. You have Focus Peaking, Focus Magnify, Tiltable LCD screen and EVF. The camera will meter: Versatility.

Let me get this straight, MF is a STRENGTH?

You bet. Practically 100% of my photography is with manual focus, except on some occasions when I might use AF. I think I posted images from NBA game taken with AF and MF in the other thread(s).

You realize that you can MF with a dSLR too, right? I recognize that focus peaking is a big thing but it's certainly NOT more versatile to MF, even with focus peaking.

I wouldn't buy a DSLR today, much less for Manual Focus.

Some of the non-native mounts also allow for Auto Focus. It is for this reason, effort is being put in developing such adapters as we’ve recently seen from Metabones (with, or without AF). Then there is another tool that not only allows expansion of options for AF lenses, it literally transforms the AF system, from Minolta/Sony A-mount. Sports/Action photography, covered well: Versatility.

But not as well as a dSLR. So versatile, yes, but less so.

There are several points in the argument you responded to. Which one are you alluding to? Definitely not non-native mounts with AF, or is it? Heck, many DSLRs don't even support AF with their own mount depending on sensor size. Or, won't even meter properly.

As for Sport/Action photography, I enjoy that aspect of photography and I'm not the one complaining. You don't, but you're complaining.

Heading to the park for a walk? To a family dinner without lugging a bag or a camera hanging on the neck? Put 20mm f/2.8 pancake on NEX-6, you are covered (weight: 415g, < 1 lb. Size: pocketable). Street shooting? Put the relatively small 35mm f/1.8 (weight: 500g, just over 1 lb. Size: acceptable). A companion to bike through the mountains? Even the ultra-wide zoom (10-18 f/4) is tiny and light (225g). Want 10mm to 35mm versatility? You’re looking at net weight of the system (10-18, 20mm and 35mm lenses, plus body) at 795g… less than the body-only weight of a Full Frame DSLR. And in fact, the system itself is modular, that a person can choose to put a lens each in two pockets and skip the bag, to take advantage of: Versatility.

I can do all of those things easily with a dSLR, too. Is it larger? Sure. Is is heavier? Yep. Is the quality better and are there more lens options and is the quality better and is shooting easier and... all yes as well.

Actually, size, cost, weight are the key points made above. If you ignore all that... I rest my case. As for lens choices, virtually any lens you can put on your DSLR, I can use on my NEX. Can the opposite be done?

FF already offers almost all focal lengths and both variable aperture and fixed aperture lenses at those focal lengths. Why would FF users even bother with putting lenses designed for other systems.

They don't have to, if they want to lug around the bulk.

Its the other systems which DO NOT have as good coverage as the FF cameras that have to resort to adapting lenses from other similar systems. Nikon and Canon both have wide-angle, normal zoom, portrait and wide primes, telephotos at f2.8 and f4 which other systems DONT even come close to having.

What has that got to do with going mirror-less and with bodies that are smaller and more flexible?

Yes, you can adapt, and there goes the weight and size argument out of the window.

When you want to, or when you don't want to. Good to have options.

For normal primes Canikon have the option of f1.2, f1.4, f1.8 for every individual requirement. THAT IS CALLED VERSATILITY.

Do they necessitate 2+ lb body and the bulk to go with them?

Adapting these lenses to other systems means those systems are depending on FF lenses to overcome their weaknesses or lacking of certain features. You never see FF users trying to adapt lenses from other systems, bcoz they already have all accessories, lenses etc they need.

There are plenty right here in these forums.

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