D7100 - I need help solving the "green shadows" in skin tones problem

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Still green
In reply to RudyPohl, Apr 5, 2013

RudyPohl wrote:

“Green skin-tone” mystery solved… problem gone… camera retrieved.


So what was the issue? The problem, as it turned out, was not with my in-camera color-space choice of Adobe RGB versus sRGB, it was not with my monitor quality or its calibration, it was not with my color-space settings in Photoshop CS5… although it seems that any or all of these could have been the culprit for causing an issue like this. Plus, it needs to be said clearly that this problem was definitely NOT with the D7100 or with Nikon sensors in general, as I had been erroneously told by the camera store staff this week. The particular problem I was having was with the browser I was using.

We own a web-IT business and this past winter we had our first major cyber-attack in 13 years of being in this business. As a result we’ve made some major security upgrades which included changing our browsers on all our PCs to the latest version of Google Chrome for Windows.  One of you asked me in your post, “What browser are you using?” and so I thought OK, I’ll give Internet Explorer a try. The result was instant....  gorgeous colours and skin tones compared to the horrible results I was getting with Chrome for Windows.

Through subsequent Googleing and reading I discovered that while Chrome for MACs has colour-management support built into it, just a recent addition, Chrome for Windows has no colour-management support at all. Hard to believe, but true.

With a bit more Googleing I found that an internal fix exists which is fast and easy to apply. I applied the fix and it worked beautifully. Here it is for anyone who wants it: http://www.marcelpatek.com/blog/2011/11/19/enabling-color-management-in-google-chrome/


Glad you figured it out. Still a color space issue though in many ways. If you post pictures in AdobeRGB on the web...then those that are not viewing them with a browser or software that has color-management support...will be seeing "green" as you did. Does your web-IT business do it's publishing on the web in AdobeRGB as well? If so, then many potential clients might see your home page in "green" and walk away

Good Luck, and thanks greatly for correcting the folks at the camera shop.

Btw, many folks won't see your post here because you wrote below the signature block and many here have "hide signature" enabled. Another little thing that can be a barrier to effective communication.

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