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Re: >>>> Street Photography eXchange ..where is it?
In reply to fad, Apr 4, 2013

I have followed that discussion well Fad.   It all start with a picture of a " fuchsia "  house.   That pic is not good in many aspects but the poster has obviously not given enough info about his documentary thoughts to the pic to avoid  One Ant giving the guy a not too polite comment on the Pic.    OneAnt as an experienced poster could have given a more friendly comment ( or none)  so APAFLO  would not have felt the urge to protect that new fuschia poster .  From here the whole stupid discussion decelops.   The  very reason for the discussion is not the content of it but the annoyance to that unsympathic approach to the OP.   OneAnt knows better than this  so do the others.

negativ comments in a honest and appropriate manner should be  possible.    I did not crush on you with  my opinion about your couples that were not goods pics to my liking for this forum .  I can imagine though that you sense my remarks as a personal insult bit that should not be As it was not formulated as such and not meant as such.   If  you throw a wave of couple pics on me as a reaction on my comments this will attract negativ attention from several sides .  Unnecesary situation isn't it ?

I think that positiv and negativ reactions to each pthers work should be possible but as always it is the tone that makes the music and one should not have long toes.

( i don't know if this is a proper english expression but you probably understand what I mean)

I hope sincerely that my request to re-set our minds  will be rewarded with nice pics and discussions.



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