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In reply to EinsteinsGhost, Apr 4, 2013

There are two type of photographers in the world. Those that want good photos, and those that want equipment that weighs less.

So here's the challenge. Give me a compact system with a 24-105 range equivalent. Any number of lens. Of equal or better speed, which means around F2.0 to F2.8. Add up the weight and see what you get. No one will ever respond to this.

It doesn't really matter if M43rd or whatever weighs a pound less. Because you can get a superzoom that weighs a pound less than that. And so on and so on. The point is, if you let one or two pounds drive your hobby, it's no longer photography. It's backbacking.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

tko wrote:

The 5d and 24-105 does about everything your set of lenses do. Not quite as wide, but much longer. 1.9 lbs + 1.4 lbs = 3.3 lbs.

Once, more, your lenses are F6, F4.2, F2.7 equivalent. And with the Canon you don't even have to change any lenses.

Is changing lenses a nuisance? Is Canon the only one with 24-105mm equivalent lens that will fit only on FF bodies?

Listening to the person who doesn't want to carry a heavy camera, that's a funny statement. I don't find an extra pound a nuisance.

Yes, the Canon is a pound heavier. But is it really a show stopper?

The camera body itself is nearly 1.5 lb heavier. Then add lens differences. And bulk can often be a show stopper.

Canon 5DMkIII versus Sony NEX-6 - Size Comparison (Body only)

A body can be made the size of a thimble. Hey, why don't you compare a cell phone to a 5d? Because it's the lens that gives the performance. Show me a comparison with equal performing lenses, and the gap, price, and weight narrow dramatically.

Just because you CAN carry a bunch of lenses doesn't mean you have to.

Correct. But irrelevant.

Actually not. M43rd people always show comparisons using tiny lenses compared to some 400MM F5.6 monster. If one or two FF lenses will beat all compact sensor lenses put together, why isn't that fair?

That's a FF fallacy dreamed up the M43rds crowd, who love to show huge lenses on FF.

up, I'd walk into dinner with one body and one lenses. Why not?

Yes you can. Heck, you can walk with a Medium format camera for all I care.

Which would still be better than a compact sensor and a dozen lenses falling out of your pockets.

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