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pixelless wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

pixelless wrote:

Saying that someone can get the same PoV with a 200mm on a Nex as a FF with a 300mm doesn´t make much sense to me. You could use a 200mm on a FF body, crop to 300mm and still have a better image.

And those "BIF" shots... well I´m sorry, but if you told me they came from an Iphone I wouldn´t argue.

And you'd be perfectly like those iPhone camera users who can't tell the difference.

BTW, on FoV issue, your argument would be more valid if it were about the advantage of FF: wider angles, than telephoto reach, where smaller sensors are more effective, even before cropping is considered.

I really can´t... but I can see a huge difference from that to a shot taken with a FF and decent glass. But hey, if you think that´s closer to FF IQ than to Iphone IQ, that´s great (for you)!

Again, if you think your Nex produces better than FF IQ at longer focal lenghts, all the power to you. You will save a lot of cash. And I don´t think you got my point, but that´s ok too.

Honestly I think the FF magic is a little over-hyped.

Regarding stronger BG blur and subject isolation- that can be a double edged sword. Get the focus right and you have a great picture. If you're off just slightly the image is pretty much toast.

Sometimes more DOF is desirable- Yes it's true. If you can take a 35mm f1.8 and use it for group shots of 4 or more people without half of them being grossly OOF then it's a useful tool. You'd have to stop down to get the same composition and DOF on a FF body.

Honestly there is no right answer here. For paid work I don't mind full-sized cameras. The superior ergonomics and handling are worth the added weight. Big cameras are commonly associated with professionals so I don't think there is a way for me to not use them. For casual shooting while I'm out with my family I prefer the smallest lightest combo available. I can't tell you how many times I've left my DSLR at the condo while on vacation because it was too much to carry. Pushing a stroller, carrying a diaper bag and 20 pounds worth of camera gear gets old fast.

I don't shoot birds or sports. I can get pleasing subject isolation/bg blur even with a MFT camera. I have to work at it a little harder but it can be done even with a cheap 50mm f1.8 lens intended for use on FX. My E-PL5 offers very good low-light performance. It also shoots 8 FPS at full resolution and displays a live histogram. I'm having trouble seeing how it's compromised. If I didn't shoot for pay it would be all the camera I'd ever need.

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