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Re: Sensor Size & Versatility
In reply to Draek, Apr 3, 2013

Draek wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

But you're referring to a VERY small subset of image creation. I'm referring to image creation as a whole in a wide variety of situations and conditions. Medium format definitely beats FF in the small subset you're referring to but loses in virtually every other situation.

Small? you're kidding, right? landscape, portrait and product photography alone cover nearly everything in professional photography and a good part of amateur work as well.

Portrait photography? You're arguing that the majority of today's portrait photography would be improved had they been taken with a medium format camera? Living in the world of portrait photography I have to strongly disagree. Sure, some studio portraiture would but outside of that context, no way.

Taking out portrait photography leaves just landscapes and product photography, which is certainly NOT the majority (or even close) of professional work.

No, the only reason most people don't shoot digital MF is cost, weight and size. Mostly cost. Sounds familiar? it should, as it's the same argument against 35mm SLRs vs smaller format mirrorless.

Well, there's also the high ISO issue you mentioned, but as the ~70 years of 35mm dominance show, ISO400 is good enough for most purposes anyways, and a good APS-C is still quite respectable all the way up to 1600 anyways; it is ISO6400 and above which truly are the tiny subset of current photography.

Is that why 90% of forum traffic surrounding a new camera is about high ISO performance? High ISO use is NOT a tiny subset of modern digital photography.

Right, but candid grab shots can be created by both and FF will provide better results.

You really think a Nikon D800 with a 70-200/2.8 lens will be as unnoticeable as an Olympus E-PL5 with a 45/1.8 by someone you're wishing to photograph?

You can be a LOT farther away with that D800 to get the same shot, so yes, I do.

The argument concerning places with 'no professional cameras' policies is valid, but it, again, a small subset of all photography. It's been years since I encountered a place where I could bring my gear along with me.

It's been years since you attended a classical concert?

The last concert I went to a was able to bring my gear along without a problem.

well, it's been almost a decade since I wanted to shoot a bird with a 400mm lens at dusk; clearly this means it's inconsequential to the world at large and thus can be safely disregarded.

I'd bet that it hasn't been a decade since you needed ISO 800 though!

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