Sensor Size & Versatility

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Re: Sensor Size & Versatility
In reply to EinsteinsGhost, Apr 3, 2013

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Well, just keep repeating that we should be comparing NEX with APS-C sensors to DSLRs with FF sensor, as they are comparable, and you will be doing your job.

My job is using the cameras, not discussing them. I'm typing now as a hobby, not a job.

Perhaps it is "English" that is getting in the way. Don't worry about your real job. We're discussing photography in a photography forum.

My real job is photography, seems relevant.

My point being that I'm not sitting and complaining.

Who is?

Those who sit and complain x and y can't be done with NEX, when someone actually demonstrates it otherwise.

Ah, I see. Fair enough.

Again, this is near incomprehensible. I'm comparing FF dSLR's to NEX and other MILC's. To me they are comparable. Do you disagree?

Disagree? I LOVE it that you must.

What in the world are you talking about?

Your fascination of avoiding APS-C (DSLR) to APS-C (NEX) comparison, that you can't make a point unless you must compare APS-C (NEX) to FF (DSLR). So, how come a NEX with APS-C sensor is more comparable to a FF DSLR? No need to explain it though, just keep repeating that argument.

I'm not avoiding that argument, I'm saying it's foolhardy. We're talking about what's most versatile, not whether an APS-C NEX is more versatile than an APS-C dSLR. That's the argument YOU keep repeating ad nauseum but isn't really relevant to the discussion of overall versatility.

To repeat, I can if I were to carry just one camera today, for its versatility, Sony NEX-6 would be my pick. Not any comparable DSLR, not any DSLT. And forget m4/3 and lesser cameras.

But what does what YOU would choose have anything to do with the original question?


Right, but you're arguing against versatility so I'm confused. You're arguing for a camera system that's LESS versatile, not more.

Yes, you're confused. I'm telling that if I had to live with just one camera, I would pick NEX-6. It can be a small go to system, or I can go shoot sports with it. It is not a "specialty" camera.

In English, "you're" in your response (to me) would be directed towards me and "I'm" would be pointing at you. So, when you say "I'm confused" is about you.

Uh huh, your point? I'm confused in the sense that your argument doesn't make sense, not in sense that I'm confused about the topic at hand.

Let us see your sports/action shots with small cameras so we can discuss that too.

I don't shoot sports, dSLR or otherwise.

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