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New 100-400 in a few months?

Started Mar 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Just curious
In reply to joger, Apr 3, 2013

joger wrote:

surprised to see YOU quoting DXOmark

Sure - DXO predominantly ranks the wide open performance and since the f/4.0 version is one stop slower it can never be on the same level according to their ranking - it is also double the weight and a bit bigger . . .

Meh - I have less problem using DxO data if the body used remains the same for each comparison - as it does in this case.

Photozone agrees - "It surpasses its predecessor easily and it did even manage to top (very slightly so) the EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L IS".

But who cares - I don't. Just surprised you'd accept second best. Seems your normal "no compromise" approach does have some limits after all!

(in theory a f/4.0 lens can never be as good as a f/2.8 lens - look here)

The article does not conclude the an "f/4.0 lens can never be as good as a f/2.8 lens" at all.

It actually says ...

"The sweet spot of any lens is at medium aperture values because aberrations are reduced and diffraction effects aren’t strong yet."

And by "medium apertures" they are talking about apertures smaller then f4 ...

"The sweet spot— the range of apertures with excellent sharpness, tends to be between f/5.6 and the aperture corresponding f/11 for the 35mm format"

That said - it would be extremely nice to see a 100-400 on the level of the current 70-200 f/2.8 II

Yep - I agree. And, to my mind, it would need to improve by around this amount before I'd be bothered considering it (and even then, only if it also included Mode3 IS). Personally, I'd also be sad to see the push-pull design go - so I'd be hoping that stayed (though I admit this is a personal preference - I just find it quicker and more convenient than the alternative).

But I rather suspect that, if that was the case, the price would be stupid and I'd still not bother. The current one does me just fine.

I'd certainly buy it if it is also lighter then the current 70-200 II

Zooms are for lean traveling and convenience aspects - otherwise I prefer primes

Yep - me too.

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