Some Firsthand Observations with RX-1 and X100S Side by Side...

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Some Firsthand Observations with RX-1 and X100S Side by Side...

Sebit wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Of course, if you want to continue that line of argument,

He was referring to the lens size. And on Coolpix A it extends when powered on, so they seem about the same size.

Yes, when powered on, but I think those who are drawn to a smaller camera like the Coolpix A are mostly considering the carry size, not the extension when shooting. Which is still very small, BTW.

Coolpix is like X100s minus the hybrid viewfinder.

And with a wider lens. Which doesn't seem to matter to some people, but I find 28mm and 35mm to be significantly different shooting experiences.

RX1 is a marvel of miniaturization but Sony was always good at it. And it comes at a cost - ergonomics and lens vignetting for example, not mentioning the retail price.

I find the ergonomics od the RX1 to be excellent (unlike the RX100, which I couldn't stand). But the cost, yeah, that's a BIG tradeoff!

You're absolutely right. What a great times we have, so many possibilities. Something for everyone, it seems, and yet we still want more

Yup, indeed!


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