Sick as a parrot. Need to downsize to Micro four thirds. Opinions appreciated

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Ron Co
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Re: Sick as a parrot. Need to downsize to Micro four thirds. Opinions appreciated
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rtf wrote:

Hi everyone. Sorry if this seems a little off topic but your the people that directly fit my question.

I now have a medical issue with the nerves in my middle fingers of my left hand (due to broken fingers years ago). I have major problems using lenses much bigger than a 50mm (gutted). My doctor warned me ages ago that this would become an issue and advised me to downsize the weight and bulk of my camera gear. Yesterday I was taking images of a restaurant for a website, and after the tripod work I struggled to take handheld shots with the D800 + 105DC. So much so that I only felt comfortable using the 50mm handheld. The restaurant owner asked me if I would consider photographing his wedding which I declined because I cannot rely on good handling technique with my present gear. Very reluctantly, I have to seriously consider downsizing to micro four thirds, and I would like to know your honest opinions on whether you think in my position that you could swap to micro four thirds and adjust to the smaller system. I'm a pro and would like to remain one if I can. In recent times I have had lots of low res work (website images) so I know that I can live with a smaller sensor and make some money, but I'm a little disheartened at the moment. So my question is: Olympus, Fuji, or Panasonic?. I need portrait, wide-angle, and macro capability in that order of importance. I'm leaning towards Olympus. Your thoughts would be very appreciated.



Sorry to hear of the problem , mine is just age or aging

I own a number of cameras at any time depending on their purpose , currently I have the Oly EM5 with 12-15 , 60mm macro and 70-300 for birding etc , the whole kit can be carried around the neck with the spare lenses in a couple of pockets , even the 70-300 will fit into a reasonable pocket if the lens hood is off or reversed(for the record none of the lenses come with lens hoods for which Olympus should get a good swift kick@)

I love using the Oly when out and about it is good in every sense but one , it hunts for birds in the sky with the long lens

I also have the D800 with 105 macro, 16-35 and a Tamron 200-500 which I  am finding great for birding, needless to say this outfit is no fun to carry around ,I usually put on the lens I  intend to use and stick to that for the purpose, unless in the car when the unused lenses can sit awaiting my need

My third major outfit is the Sony A77  with 70-400  and a variety of lenses but it does not focus anywhere as quickly as the Tamron on the  birds , better than the olympus  but the D800 wins for speed

Also have a little Nex , Fuji HS30 and Sony  HX100 and WX1 - gave the rest away:-)

If it is weight and good quality you want  I think you will not find to great a sacrifice in the Olympus EM5 I find my macro with the 60mm gives the D800 and 105 mm lens a run  for their money every time , the smaller sensor and extra depth of field are great  for very tiny objects such as I seem to be constantly chasing ,they have recently releaed (or only announced?) a replacement for the 70-300 lens  which may be quicker focus etc but i have not seen it , the quality if very good on the existing unit and the other two lenses I own

The basic 12-50 also has a macro ability (locks at 50mm setting) and is quite good but  I got carried away reading how good the dedicated unit is , and it is  good , no regrets there

As I said the weight is miniscule compared to the D800 and any lens if I am using the Nikon for any length of time I like to put it on a gimbal headed monopod or  tripod but the Oly I can carry for hours without effort

My wife uses a Fuji HS30 which is a very versatile unit capable of good work but not one I think a pro might use , their other up market units I have not tried (yet) , not game to  in case i get the urge once more

The Nex5  I bought for the novelty of it , got it cheap but without an EVF I rarely use it , the EVF of the Olympus is better IMHO than the A77 Sony which is also good in its own right

I hope you can find a unit that lets you continue to enjoy and produce images that satisfy you

regards from Tasmania


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