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Re: please don't twist my photos
In reply to qianp2k, Apr 1, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Why do you keep attempting to move away from the topic - which is resolution.

I said they are related to final IQ that in reality you'd have to process 18mp APS-C photos more to get cleaner photos for better look that inevitably will smear details more, unless you want to keep your so-called resolution with ugly noises/grains/CA.  So it's related.

Yes - they certainly are related - IQ and resolution, that is.

I don't disagree. Never said otherwise.

The 60D images you posted have resolved more detail than the 5D images you posted.

Maybe your eyes are different.

Must be that then. LOL!

Check again on my untwisted and original converted JPEGs from ACR with zero/default setting directly.  I heard some true independent unbiased third party viewers said otherwise in this thread .  Your "majority" are the same old group of few that arguing for years

I've looked closely at your samples. They show the 60D resolving more detail than the 5D.

The difference is not significant and anyone who claims the 5D is resolving more detail in those images is simply lying or unable to make a subjective assessment for whatever reason (probably because they have dug a great big hole and now find themselves at the bottom of it!)

Makes sense because the 60D does actually resolve more detail.

It could provided with very few best lenses such as 300L/2.8 IS but not with most lenses as DXOMark tested, again their tests are based on MTF resolution.  In reality if we frame into the same AOV (60D shoots at 1.6x distance) even with 300L/2.8 IS, unless under bright sunlight, you'd have to apply more NR and CA correction especially if under shadows to get reasonable IQ, then 5D will be at least as good and probably with better fine details and IQ overall after respective necessary processing.  After of all, 7D/60D only leads 5D with one P-MPix point even with the best lens 300L/2.8 IS.

Once again - DxO are testing lenses for obtainable sharpness. The MTF resolution figures are derived - not directly measured. In fact, DxO don't even shoot a target that contains "line pairs"!

Your use of the data is flawed.

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