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Re: please don't twist my photos
In reply to schmegg, Apr 1, 2013

schmegg wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

You ignore DXOMark test,

I've addressed the DxO tests over and over. You are simply not listening.

DxO don't test resolving capabilities of different cameras in a way that allows one to draw conclusions regarding relative resolving abilities of different sized sensors. In fact - they don't test resolution at all. They are testing lenses, not cameras, and they test sharpness, not resolution!

Not true.  You are trying to downplay DXO test to simple sharpness that on your definition is Acutance. You said Acutance always can be achieved thru processing.  But in reality with my own experiences, I have some 5D files show that sharpness that my 60D simply cannot match no matter how to process.  Oversharpening only shows artifacts badly.

DXOMark P-MPix DOES based on MTF resolution.  They used to show in MTF resolution with the same result between 5D and 7D with all lenses.  P-MPix doesn't change any result but merely using an easier understandable expressing unit.

I just happen to save a few old DXOMark test that expressing in MTF resolution and I just don't see they ever show any different comparison result.

ignore my creditable tests and samples there especially more meaningful outdoor samples,instead you just repeat over and over again and verbally convicted I am "wrong", lol.

No - I didn't "ignore" your test images. In fact, I thanked you for posting  them and addressed them also.

My tests result for outdoor school building clearly show 5D has better IQ and resolves more fine details even with 24-70L II if you leave in their default ways and check side by side.

As others have said, they clearly show the 60D has an advantage in resolving abilities.

Who are others from the same few who never own and experience 5D?  No mention your pure resolution is meaningless if you don't care the final IQ.  As I said in reality you'd have to apply more NR and CA correction that effectively will kill some details as vividly shown in your pelican photo.  5D will absolutely take better detail photo in the same scenario by framing into the same AOV.

I think you are the only person on these forums that thinks otherwise.

As the link I provided, I heard some who actually own and experience both said otherwise.  Yes it's true I am the only one still arguing the same small group of 7D xxxt. There are used to be a few others who argued with you in last two years but they don't bother anymore.

As someone said earlier in this thread, only "blinds" will pickup 60D photos over 5D ones on outdoor school building that reflects the real world photos  5D photos even with 24-70L II clearly show better IQ and resolves a bit more fine details.  With other inferior lenses 5D leads more.

You seem to misunderstand - I'm not saying the 5D is a bad camera!

It means lots a 8-yr-old FF camera still can take lots of thunders these days  It still can withstand today's DSLRs if you don't print/view in very large size.  Between my 5D and 60D, I'd still pickup former in landscape and portraiture in everyday.

I'm simply saying it does not out-resolve an 18MP crop - a claim you repeatedly make and spend inordinate amounts of time an effort defending. And a claim which is just plain wrong.

It depends, with most lenses it does outresolve Canon 18mp APS-C especially in comparable walk-around zoom such as EF 24-105L vs EF-S 15/85 or EF-S 17-55/2.8 or with most primes if you frame them into the same AOV - either by using longer focus l ength or by moving closer, that reflects how we use cameras in real world such as in landscape, in portrait and studio.  In those scenarios that you don't have longer enough lenses or unable to move closer, then 18mp pixel density in APS-C has advantage but they are not areas 5D owners shoot.  So I brought my 60D in zoo and safari instead in the past.

In my Africa safari trip, I'd use 500L with 1.4x TC III if necessary that will give me absolute IQ over 60D or 7D (provided I had) despite latter still have pixel density advantage because with 500L I don't need to crop severely then FF will win hands down.  I am sure you share the same experiences in your sport car photos as usually you have sufficient reach with your 100-400L.  Your 5D3 generates much better and cleaner photos than your 7D.  I know you just don't want to publicly admit as you evolved in crop vs FF debates too much in the past.  Old 5D is cripple in AF but provided it had beef-up AF as in D700 for example, 12mp FF still takes better photos than 18mp APS-C in that scenarios, that I am sure about, as in pelican case

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